The Icy Light Summer

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Main things to know about the Icy Light Summer:

Temperature: Cool
Value: Light
Chroma: Soft

Sister Season: Icy Clear Winter

Sample best colors: Light grey, Soft White, Sky Blue, Pastel Pink, Light Lavender, Icy Blue, Light Aqua.

Worst Colors: Black; dark colors, bright colors, overpowering reds and blues; golden browns, oranges and yellows.

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The Icy Light Summer is one of the newest seasons in my ColorBreeze Complete System. Differeing from the traditional "Light Summer", it has all-cool undertones. Because it flows into the Icy Clear Winter, there is a rare but of carity to it that, believe it or not, gets mistaken for a Winter sometimes. But its value is much lighter.

Monochromatic colors will look fantastic-for example: a light navy jacket, a soft blue blouse and a sky blue scarf.

Avoid high contrasts in colors. Because of your delicate coloring, its easy to get overpowered.