The Light Spring

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Main things to know about the Light Spring

Temperature: Warm, primarily
Value: Light
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season: Light Summer

Best Colors: Camel, most Yellows, Light Lime Green, Peach.

Worst Colors: Black, Burgundy, Dark Plum, dark muted colors.

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The Light Spring is a blend of both Spring and Summer (or Spring “flowing into” Summer). Due to the blend of both warm and cool seasons, there will be a neutrality to your look, particularly when compared to the warm spring.

As the name says, keep colors light. Avoid dark and dusty colors. Very dark colors will drain the color from your face and make you look pale and tired. And while you need medium contrast to come alive, too much will be overpowering and unnatural looking.

Below are some Looks I put together for the Light Spring