The Smokey Soft Autumn

Smokey Soft Autumn

Main things to know about the Smokey Soft Autumn

Temperature: Warm, predominantly
Value: Medium-to-Deep
Chroma: Muted

Sister Season: Toasted Soft Winter or Toasted Soft Summer, depending on value.

Sampe Best Colors: Rich, earthy shades of brown, terracotta, olive, teal, and tomato are key.

Worst Colors: Light, cool pastels like mauve and pale pink.

tips smaller blue

The Smokey Soft Autumn needs to wear rich, warm colors that are muted and deep in value. There will be a slight coolness to your coloring, such as neutral skin, grey eyes, or dark mousy hair.

This season can look like a Deep Autumn. But usually their eyes and/or hair is not the deepest in value. A step up from the deepest Autumn is how to view this season.

However, depth is important: Wearing colors that are too pale will not be strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out. There will also be a need for richness. Bright cool colors will be out of place.

Below are some looks I put together for the this season

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