The Smokey Soft Winter

Here are the basics of the Smokey Soft Winter season

Temperature: Cool
Value: Deep
Chroma: Mostly clear but with a slight but definite need for softness.

Sister Season: Smokey Soft Summer

Best colors: Black, soft fuchsia, black cherry, cool burgundy, pine green, deep charcoal blue, boysenberry.

Worst Colors: Avoid warm, pale colors like light brown, soft peach, sage green

The Toasted Soft Winter is a Winter that, unlike other Winters, has a muted quality to it.
The palette of colors is a mix of 'traditional' winter colors like black, true red, and emerald, but they are worn in a way that creates lower contrast than most Winters.

In addition to the traditional winter colors, this season has deep, rich colors like black cherry and toned raspberry. They have little to no warmth in their coloring.
In the palette are a mix of some lighter soft colors, not usually associated with winter. But paired with the much deeper traditional colors of the palette, this creates a slightly toned-down effect.
Wearing colors that are too pale will not be strong enough for the Smokey Soft Winter's coloring.