The Sunlit Clear Spring

Here are the basics of the Sunlit Clear Spring season

Temperature: Warm
Value: Light
Chroma: Clear
Sister Season: Sunlit Light Spring

Best Colors: Clear Red, Hot Turquoise, Lime Green, Hot Coral, Bright Yellow.

Worst Colors: Dusty cool pastels like mauve, antique pink, grey-blue.

The Sunlit Clear Spring is one of the newest seasons in the ColorBreeze Complete system. She is all-warm.

High contrast, warm, fully saturated colors are what they are about. Many Sunlit Clear Springs started out as blondes naturally and continue to keep their blonde hair. Other’s let it go dark and can often be mistaken for Winters because of the clarity in their eyes.

It's important for Sunlit Clear Springs to keep colors bright and clear and avoid dark, dusty, pale colors. Wearing dusty colors make you look boring and suck all of the vitality from your face.