The Sunlit Autumn


Main things to know about the Sunlit Autumn

Temperature: Warm
Value: Medium-to-Deep
Chroma: Muted

Sister Season: Sunlit Soft Spring

Sample best colors: Milk chocolate, pea green, warm sand, warm peach, butterscotch, banana, coral.

Worst Colors: Bright or dark cool colors like cobalt blue, hot magenta, black, burgundy.

tips smaller blue

The Sunlit Soft Autumn looks best in light to medium-light earth tones.

This season may often mistaken for a Spring since her value is quite light. She does flow into another warm season so her undertones are all warm. If you are a Sunlit Soft Autumn, one of your goals is to avoid too many cool colors.

Monochromatic colors will look great on you. There will be a range of lighter to deeper soft colors you can wear, but keep most of the colors on the lighter side. Wearing colors that are too bright or too dark and heavy, particularly cool colors, will overwhelm you.

Warm neutrals will look great on you.

Below are some Looks for the Sunlit Soft Autumn

FYI: The Sunlit Soft Autumn may sometimes be categorized as a Soft Autumn Light, along with its "twin", the Dusty Soft Autumn

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