The Sunlit Soft Spring

Here are the basics of the Sunlit Soft Spring season

Temperature: Warm
Value: Light
Chroma: Soft

Sister Season: Sunlit Soft Autumn

Best Colors: Amber, soft peach, butter yellow, pea green, sand, and soft coral are key.

Worst Colors: Very bright or very dark, cool colors like black, magenta, cobalt blue.

The Sunlit Soft Spring is a Spring that, unlike most Springs, is slightly muted with a dusting of light brown.

This season flows into the Sunlit Soft Autumn. Since both seasons have strictly warm undertones, your main goal is to avoid cool colors.
Sunlit Soft Springs may exhibit some light autumn traits, such as amber or warm brown eye color, or muted skin. However, there is still a need for a luminosity that can’t be found in any Autumn.

FYI: the Sunlit Soft Season is also categorized as a 'Soft Spring' along with its 'twin', the "Dusty Soft Spring.