The Sunlit Soft Summer


Main things to know about the Sunlit Soft Summer:

Temperature: Cool, primarily
Value: Medium to medium light
Chroma: Soft

Sister Season: Dusty Soft Spring or Dusty Soft Autumn, depending on value.

Sample best colors: Predominantly cool, dusty shades of grey-blue, mauve, grey-green, warm pink, and charcoal

Worst Colors: Bright warm colors like orange, golden yellow, and bright coral. Also, avoid very dark colors like black and cobalt blue.

tips smaller blue

The Sunlit Soft Summer needs to wear light to medium cool colors that are muted. There is a touch of warmth in you that can be seen in your skin, hair or eyes.

Monochromatic colors will look great on you. There will be a range of lighter to deeper soft colors you can wear, but keep most of the colors on the lighter side. Wearing that are too bright or too dark and heavy, particularly warm colors, will overwhelm you.

While there is visible warmth, you will want to choose more cool colors than warm. Cool neutrals will look great on you.

This season gets mistaken for a Spring due to the warmth that is visible. While you can handle some warmth, and indeed, you seem to need a touch, too much will obliterate your soft summery look.

Below are some Looks for the Sunlit Soft Summer

FYI: The Sunlit Soft Summer is sometimes categorized as s Soft Summer Light along with its 'twin' the Dusty Soft Summer..