The Toasted Soft Autumn

Here are the basics of the Toasted Soft Autumn season

Temperature: Warm
Value: Medium - Deep
Chroma: Muted

Sister Season: Hot Deep Autumn

Best colors: Chocolate brown, copper, tomato, forest green, deep teal, deep peach, coral, golden yellow.

Worst Colors: Avoid cool colors, especially pale dusty pastels.

The Toasted Soft Autumn needs to wear rich, warm colors that are muted and deep in value.

This season is deeper in value than a Warm Autumn but needs much more warmth than the Deep Autumn season provides. Often mistaken for a Deep Autumn or a Warm Autumn, the Toasted Soft Autumn is a blend of both.

Depth is important: Wearing colors that are too pale will not be strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out. Anything too cool will not harmonize with your toasted coloring.