The Warm Spring

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Main things to know about the Warm Spring

Temperature: Warm,
Value: Light
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season: Warm Autumn

Best Colors: Clear Red, Coral, Marigold, Orange, Clear Teal.

Avoid: Pink, Fuchsia, Cool Berry colors, dusty cool pastels.

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The most important tip for Warm Springs is to choose only the warmest of colors and make sure they are clear and somewhat bright.

Warm Springs are strictly warm, not flowing into any cool seasons. Be on the lookout for the blue-eyed Spring (blue eyes are in every season, even the warm seasons). Blue-eyes Springs often wear a lot of blue to enhance their eye color. This is not a bad idea, but it's better to wear warmed-up blues like aqua, clear turquoise, clear teal and robin's egg blue. This way you will not only enhance your eye color but your skin and hair as well.

The big difference between a Warm Spring and its sister-season, the Warm Autumn, is chroma, or the saturation of the colors. Springs need clear warm colors; Autumns need muted warm colors.

If the Warm Spring's traits are warm, clear and light, how does it differ from the Clear Spring? The biggest difference is in its temperature: the Clear Spring flows into the Clear Winter. Therefore, many of their colors are slightly neutral and they can borrow some cool bright colors from their sister-season Clear Winter. Anything too cool will not flatter the Warm Spring.

Creating a warm glow is what the this season is all about.

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