The Color Brown

The color Brown is solid and reliable. It's the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Brown implies genuineness and simplicity.

Men are more apt to say brown is one of their favorite colors than women. While dark blue is a standard color in uniforms, the brown uniforms of the UPS drivers have come to signify dependability.

Positive: Earthy, genuine, friendliness, dependable.

Negative: Boring, unsophisticated, unimaginative


• Brown is considered a neutral color. However, most browns will only truly look best on Autumns and some Springs. If you are Winter with blended temperatures (soft and deep winters, you can get away with some of the dark chocolate browns, as long as they are not too warm. 

There are some 'cool' browns. "Cocoa" is an example of a cool brown. This shade is a great natural eyeshadow color for the cooler seasons.

• Brown is the perfect alternative to black, navy or grey in the business world for anyone with very warm coloring.

• Autumns can wear almost any shade of brown.

Anything you could ever want to know about the color brown can be found on Wikipedia. 

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