The Color Pink

The color Pink is the softer, sweeter side of RED. Where red stirs up passions, pink calms them down. Studies have shown this to true.

In fact, sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.

Pink is considered a “feminine” color; soft and delicate.

Positive: Feminine, innocent, romantic, non-threatening

Negative: Weak, powerless, not taken seriously


• Wear pink when you want to appear safe and non-threatening to someone, or to conjure up sympathy for your cause

• Rethink wearing pink to a job interview or to an important business meeting if you are wanting to be taken seriously.

• Pink can be paired with black or grey to give it more sophistication.

• Pure pink is prominent in Summer palettes. But intense Hot Pinks are powerful for Winters and Clear Springs, as are icy pinks. Warm seasons need to be careful to wear only warm pinks. 

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