The Color Purple

A favorite of royalty, the color purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication.

It is also feminine and romantic.

However, because it is somewhat rare in nature, purple can appear artificial.

fyi: Purple is Pretty Your World’s favorite color!

Positive: Sensitive, creative, mysterious, noble, luxurious

Negative: Impractical, non-conforming, immature


• Purple is a great color for you if you are in an artistic, creative environment. But in a business environment, it may appear to be too individualistic and not a team player. Use in smaller doses in that situation.

• Deep intense Purples suggest power and wealth; lighter more pastel purples are considered softer and more delicate.

Likewise, intense Purples are best for Winters and cool Summers with stronger coloring. Most summers look good in most shades of purple.

• Did you know that Purple is one of those “universal colors” that EVERYONE looks good in? But it has to be pure purple: not lavender, not fuchsia, not grape, not violet.

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