The Color Red

The color Red is the most emotionally intense color, the first to get noticed. Science has proven that red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.

Red cars are stolen more often than other colors. Red clothing gets noticed, and it’s especially effective in attracting the opposite sex, think "the woman in red".

Positive: Exciting, confident, sexy, assertive

Negative: Aggressive, threatening, dangerous


• Be careful if you're concerned about your weight: Red can make one appear heavier.

• Red is very powerful so it’s best to use it in smaller doses in most situations.

• Wear only when you really want to stand out, not when you are wanting to appear as “one of the team”.

• There are endless variations of Red, from the warmest reds to the blue based cherry reds. It’s the shade and intensity that determines if it’s one of your power colors.

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