The Eyes Have It

The eyes have it! “It” meaning a key factor in determining your Season.

Eye color is a very important factor in deciding one's season. It's not the ONLY factor, but it is very important.  

Eyes will generally have many of the same characteristics that is used for your overall look.  For example, Deep Winters and Autumns will have deep eye color.

LIGHT seasons will have light eye color.  

And Clear Springs and Winters are defined by bright and/or clear eyes. 

This is why eye color is so important.

Clear & Bright: Blue, Green, or hazel……you are probably a Clear Spring or Clear Winter. 

But know that eyes that look clear can also be find in other Springs and even sometimes in Summers. 

Soft & Muddy: The truly Soft Summers and Soft Autumns often have muddy, 'smudgy' eyes.  They are the opposite of the clear eyes you will see in the Springs and Winters. 

Blue Eyes: Cool Summers and Cool Winters usually have blue eyes (though cool grey, and even cool green can be found).

However, Blue eyes can be found in ALL seasons, even the warmest Spring and Autumn. 

Warm and Golden: Warm seasons like Warm Autumn and Warm Spring most often have matching warm eye colors like green and golden brown.  

Sunlit Soft Autumns and Sunlit Soft Springs will have warm eyes, too.

Deep and Dark: Deep Autumns and Deep Winters all have dark eyes. 

However, some deeper Soft Summers and Soft Autumns can have quite dark eyes as well. Usually, though their hair is naturally lighter than a Deep Season would have. 

Light eyes: Usually blue, green or hazel, ALL Light Summers and Light Springs will have light eyes. 

However, all of the lighter Soft Summers and Soft Autumns can have lighter eye colors too.

You can see eye color is an important clue to one's season. Just remember, one has to look at natural hair color and skin tones, too, to make an accurate color analysis. 

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Clear Vs. Cool Eyes

I studied the Gilmore Girls (Alexis Bledel, on left, and Lauren Graham, on right) for a long time and while it was obvious they were Winters, deciding which Winter was a little challenging.

Like all Winters, they have the characteristics of Cool (temperature) Deep (intensity) and Clear (vs. muted) but I decided that Alexis was a Clear Winter because of her eyes. "Clear" seasons have the unique trait of bright or sparkling eyes. While Lauren Graham has beautiful blue eyes, I feel that Alexis Bledel's are up a notch on the brightness scale, making her a Clear Winter. 

While both of them will share many of the same Winter colors--like black, royal blue, true red, etc--Alexis could also wear a few of the brightest and clearest warm colors from the Clear Spring palette too. I don't see Lauren wearing anything warm. Thus making her a Cool Winter. Can you tell the slight but important difference in the eyes?