The Truth about Beauty

 Benefit Cosmetics LLCFIRST THE BAD NEWS...The number one Truth about Beauty is that 98% of the things you read in fashion magazines or see on t.v. concerning makeup, skincare, fashion and other beauty related info is UNTRUE. The best that can be said about it is that it's outrageously exaggerated. But most of it are lies. Speaking of lies, take a look at a video which shows just how much work goes on to make already already glammed up people even more glamorous. Even someone naturally beautiful isn't beautiful enough for the fashion industry!

The reality is that cosmetic companies need to make money and continually coming up with new products, whether they work or not, and marketing them in the most exciting and glamorous ways is how they do it. Period. Don't believe a word of advertising. Do your research before buying. Essential reading regarding specific products and cosmetic companies is "DON'T GO TO THE COSMETIC COUNTER WITHOUT ME" by Paula Begoun. Her philosophies about beauty products are a lot like mine. I've read all of her books.


Regardless of how shallow it seems, the power of your appearance should not be underestimated. Despite all of the falseness and unrealistic expectations in the beauty industry, even in the 'real world', our appearance is a huge factor in how people view us.

Statistics show that you are judged by people within 3 seconds of you entering a room. Scarey, huh? And they've made some pretty powerful assumptions, too, within those few seconds. They’ve assessed your hair, clothing, and grooming habits; estimated your socio-economic level, education level, & intelligence; and they've decided whether you're suitable for further interaction. Scarier still is that once this judgment is made, it's extremely hard to change it. That's why they say "You only get one chance to make a first impression".

Whether this is fair or unfair doesn't change the fact that its part of human nature and it happens all the time in both the social and business world. You can deny its existence and even believe that you are above this superficial behavior, but the truth is we all do it automatically, whether you are conscience of it or not.

So what's the Good News?...

The Good news is that once you are armed with this knowledge, you can take control of your image and what impressions you make on others. Call it "Image Empowerment".

The other good news is that by cutting through all of the "beauty clutter" as I call it, and utilize Pretty Your World's simple yet powerful tools, you can begin your empowerment immediately and without spending a fortune on clothes that don't flatter your figure, makeup that does nothing to enhance your best features, or skincare that does little, if anything, to enhance and protect your skin.

More good news: There ARE effective and affordable cosmetics & skincare products out there. Just be realistic about what they can do. Have fun with beauty but don't break the bank while you're doing it.

Speaking of money, the most important beauty routine in the world doesn't cost you a thing.All Occasion Cards- 300x250 See what that tool is...

To begin your new path to Image Empowerment, I would suggest starting with the fundamentals: Color Analysis A personalized Color Analysis is essential in understanding what your best colors are, which guide you to making the correct choices in clothes, make-up, hair color, and even jewelry and accessories. And the best part is that it can be done right from your computer.

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