This is Us

"This is Us" is my new cant-miss TV show. A fantastically written show with lots of heart, I don't know how one could not love it. 

But down to business: I've color analyzed the major characters of Jack, Rebecca (mom and dad) and the 3 adult children.  

Many years ago when I was trying to find some celebrities to analyze I was going to analyze Mandy Moore. But I never did post anything. The reason? I had no idea what she was! She had different hair color in all of the photos I would see of her, and of course, she didn't look bad in any of them - brunette, blonde, or redhead. 

I should have know that when someone can successfully pull off so many different looks, they are most likely a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn. Now, especially with my ColorBreeze system, I am able to feel confident of my analysis of her. 

"Jack" (Milo Ventimiglia)

Deep Winter

Comments: "Jack" doesn't have the deepest, darkest eyes that are typical of many Deep Winters.

But his hair and eyesbrows are very deep. And look at him in Black!

He's a Deep Winter.

"Rebecca"(Mandy Moore) 

Smokey Soft Autum

Comments: As I stated above, Mandy is that perfect blend of warm and cool that Soft seasons are famous for. She's a blend of both Summer and Autumn. 

Because of her rich mix of primarily-green-but-with-a-touch-of blue-plus-a-smidgen-of-gold near the iris eye color, I believe she is a Smokey Soft Autumn. 

"Kate" (Chrissy Metz)

Cool Summer

Comments: "Kate" has beautiful blue eyes, and I at first thought she was a Cool Winter. But the photos I've seen of her in black and red lipstick look a little too overpowering for her.

So I chose its sister-season, the Cool Summer. 

"Randall" (Sterling K. Brown)

Deep Autumn

Comments: Notes: "Randall's" dominant characteristic is Deep. And I was debating between Winter and Autumn. He has both temperatures present.

I do feel he has slightly more warmth than coolness and there is a need for some softness, not super bright colors.

This is why I chose Deep Autumn for him. 

"Kevin" (Justin Hartley)

Sunlit Soft Autumn

Comments: "Kevin's" eyes appear dark which normally would put him into the deeper soft autumn category, the Toasted Soft Autumn. 

But his hair and his overall value puts him into the lighter soft Autumn category, in my opinion. 

He just looks "Sun lit" to me. 

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