Virtual Makeovers

I love makeovers. A long time ago I discovered the website called which let's you do virtual makeovers on photos. I actually utilized Taaz often when I analyzed clients. Unfortunately, one day I discovered Taaz just disappeared. I am lost.

As I said, I actually used the software to help me analyze clients. I first use grey eyeshadow and pink blush and lipstick to test for cool undertones; then I use warm brown and peach lipstick and blush to test for warm undertones. When a client's photos were super clear and high definition, I would do a makeover on Taaz for them, to illustrate the type of season I've chosen for her. If the photo is not clear enough, it's not helpful for the client and it just wastes time trying to make the makeover work.

I currently do my best with my limited Photoshop skills. But below are some virtual makeovers I did in the past.