Virtual Makeovers

I love makeovers. I especially love doing virtual makeovers on I actually utilize Taaz when I analyze clients for their color analysis. You can do the same for yourself to test out colors while trying to figure out your season. 

I first use grey eyeshadow and pink blush and lipstick to test for cool undertones; then I use warm brown and peach lipstick and blush to test for warm undertones. When a client's photos are super clear and high definition, I will do a makeover on Taaz for them, to illustrate the type of season I've chosen for her. If the photo is not clear enough, it's not helpful for the client and it just wastes time trying to make the makeover work.

I realized it is helpful to illustrate the seasons on models as well as clients Most clients do not want their photos posted online so stock photos work just as well. I've analyzed the following models from various stock photography services like and did their makeovers on I hope you find them helpful. 

Dusty Soft Spring

Toasted Soft Autumn

Deep Winter

Smokey Soft Summer

Deep Winter

Warm Autumn

Light Summer

Toasted Soft Autumn

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