What's New?

The latest on the 4x4 Color Swatches:

They are IN! You can buy them here....

(Please read information about a few printing errors

in our first print run before purchasing)


Color Analyses are now separate from swatch purchases. 

This service will be priced at $75.00 and includes ONLY the color analysis, not the swatch. There will be no packages that will include swatches as swatches will be sold completely separately when they are in stock.

I feel that the true value of what I do is in the actual Color Analysis, since once you know your season, you can immediately start to wear your right colors, simplifying your life, saving time and especially money.

While the Analysis will not include a swatch in the price, you will get the following:

  • In-depth professional Color Analysis by a certified Analyst trained in both the 12 and 16 season systems.
  • Unlimited questions answered for 2 weeks following your analysis (emails from clients will be given priority over all others) including live phone calls with me if you prefer.
  • Face Shape determinations, if the photos show your face outline clearly.
  • Hair color recommendations specifically for you.
  • A copy of my ebook "Color Revival" which will list all the colors in your palette. 
  • Coming soon: actual clothing and shopping recommendations from your favorite online retailers, in colors specific to your season. (I’m really excited about this!)


Other stuff.... 

  • My book "Color Revival" 3rd edition can now be bought in physical form on Amazon.com!  Click here to purchase...
  • I will be in Summerville, SC from June 20-24th 2014 for Image Consultng Training. I will be available in the evening to do personal color analysis appointments. Contact me for details.
  • My Makeup line is currently unavailable until later in the year.
  • I no longer offer KikaPaprika Clothing. I loved the line but there were not enough colors available for all of the seasons at any given time. I did try to persuade the company to add more colors but they aren’t going to at this time. I still highly recommend their clothes and their commitment to eco-friendly ways of doing business.

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