What's the Difference?

What's the difference between a Warm person and a Cool person?

What exactly does "Clear" look like in a person?

What about "Soft"? 

This is where you can see examples of the differences between traits and where to look for these traits in these people.

What's the Difference Between "Cool" vs. "Warm"?

Let's start with a fun one, shall we?

Beautiful blue eyes. Ashy cool hair.

Assessment: Smokey Soft Winter

Soft, golden greenish eyes. Warm, strawberry blonde hair. 

Assessment: Sunlit Soft Autumn. 

Now let's move on to two legged creatures.

Identifying cool vs. warm traits involves, of course, looking at eyes, skin and hair. If we are talking natural hair color, it can be a huge factor in determining temperatures. 

Eyes are huge, too. But don't follow the myth that blue eyes always indicate cool seasons. It very often does. But not always. It can be found in the warmest Springs and Autumns, too. 

Likewise, green eyes don't always indicate a warm season. They can be found in Winters and Summers, too. Although, particularly with Summers, the eyes are often a cool or greyish green. 

The third clue to find visible warmth is the skin. Some systems teach that skin is the ONLY thing that matters. This is not true. It is important. But it can be tricky since a skin's overtones, or what it looks like on the surface, can often appear opposite of what the person's true undertones are. So it is not always reliable in determining one's temperature. And it is not the only factor, by far. If you place too much emphasis on it, mistakes will be made. 

But to help with what to look for, here are some examples. 

COOL: Light blue eyes, medium ashy hair, cool skin, pinky cheeks. 

Season: Cool Summer

WARM: Soft green eyes, very red hair, golden beige skin.

Season: Warm Autumn

 Whether it is humans, cats, flowers or fruit, all colors will have a temperature that is either warm, cool or somewhere in between. The following are some more visual representations of warm vs. cool.

COOL eyes, skin, hair, makeup

WARM eyes, skin, hair, makeup

Shades of Green

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