Women of Color (and Men, too!)

Over the years, I've heard a lot of feedback from women of color who say that Color Analysis was just for 'white women.' Indeed in the old 4 season color system, anyone who had darker coloring was put into the Winter category automatically.

While, of course, people who have darker coloring probably will not be a Light Spring or Summer (though there are always exceptions), they certainly should not automatically be relegated to Deep Winter either.

A skilled Color Analyst will first determine the client's undertones. What is most important, and I discuss this in my book, is to determine the client's coloring relative to her ethnicity. There is a wide range of color characteristics within any ethnic group. One needs to look at that person's unique characteristics and see where he or she falls within the Seasons.

Both women below have deep coloring with dark eyes and dark hair. But the person on the right clearly has yellow or warm undertones.
The one on the left, not so much.

Knowing their undertones, each woman can play up their unique coloring, as I did when I did their virtual makeovers.

Not all women of color's dominant trait is DEEP.

This woman is a Toasted Soft Autumn. While her coloring is still dark, compared to the Deep ladies above, her eyes are lighter and more muted.
Playing up her muted quality makes her already beautiful eyes glow even more.

And what about men of color?

As with women, undertones will be crucial. The men above are great examples. Some people have skin that seems very cool, like the man on the left. As I've mentioned before, sometimes "cool" simply means "absence of warmth." I think I would label him a Cool Winter, not necessarily a Deep Winter, though he can certainly pull off that season.

You can see the warm, yellow undertones in the man on the right. Deep Autumn for him, or possibly even the Hot Deep Autumn, since the warmth is so dominant.