Here's (almost)everything you wanted to know About Pretty Your World. This site owned and operated by me, Lora Alexander. I am a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, certified Image Consultant and artist. *note: I am aware the name "Pretty Your World" is a bit of an odd name for a beauty site. It's not my first choice but, long story short, it's the one I stuck with and it has definitely grown on me.

The Salon scene

I received my Esthiology license in 1998 from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. I loved the school and loved learning about skincare. I didn’t, however, care for the salon environment once I graduated. But that’s putting it mildly. It was a nightmare experience all in all. The stereotype of the egomaniacal hairdresser and the backbiting competitiveness between workers were very real. Beauty School did not prepare me for this very prevalent aspect of the beauty field, unfortunately. In addition to having to deal with too many stylists’ egos, the wrath of stressed out managers, and phoniness of the whole environment, I was pressured to “push products”. Of course I had no control over what products I was told to sell and while most product lines were OK, many were downright worthless. And on top of that they were ridiculously expensive! I couldn’t sell these products when I knew there were better and much more affordable options out there that could be bought at your local Target or Walmart.

If the negativity of the salon scene hadn’t been a factor, the sales expectations from the salon owners would have been enough to do me in. After the leaving my 5th and final salon job, I had to get out of the beauty scene for awhile. I found a ‘real’ job in the financial industry and worked there for almost a decade.

But my love of makeup, makeovers, color analysis and beauty psychology never left me. While working my full-time job, I found an innovate product line and signed up as an independent consultant where we offered customized foundations. But at $38 a bottle, it was hard for me to sell them. Since they were customized to match your skin exactly, I felt it sensible that they would be a bit pricey, but the rest of the line was equally expensive and they were not customized or had nothing unique about them to justify the price. Needless to say, that venture went no where. I just can’t sell things I don’t really believe is a good value. It’s just ingrained in me to find the best deals.

The Time was Right

I Love SBI!

Fast forward to just recently. I discovered SBI!. SBI! Is a company that helps people turn their passion into profitable websites. From start to finish, they help you go from idea to actual website. Anyway, after researching them, I decided to follow my dream and put together a site that includes all the things I love: Color Analysis, Makeup, Beauty Psychology and more. And NONE of the things I hate: outrageously expensive beauty products, hype, strong sales pitches, articles that have nothing to do with helping real women with their beauty concerns. Pretty Your World was born!

Obsessed with Color

My passion is Color and Art. I will be showcasing my Fashion Art soon in my online art gallery. Second only to my art is my love of analyzing peoples colors. My world changed when I read Carol Jackson’s megahit book “Color Me Beautiful” in high school. Finally I found a way to make my pale skin, reddish blonde hair and green eyes harmonize. I understood why wearing my favorite colors (pink and blue) did nothing for me except make me look even more pale and washed out: I was an Autumn! The word made more sense to me. I found out as well that I had a knack for analyzing other people’s colors. I do it the instant I see someone for the first time; it’s automatic. Every character on my favorite Soap Opera, “All My Children” are analyzed-Erica Kane being a Deep Winter, of course. Every celebrity, politician, coworker, neighbor, friend and family member of mine are have been analyzed…in my mind at least.

Kevin Costner Knew....

I remember going to see “Field of Dreams” in 1988 with my friend Greg, who was a major Kevin Costner fan. I remember noticing that in every scene, every outfit Kevin wore was his right colors. He is a Soft Summer: his white shirt was always a soft white, his blues and greys were also soft and muted, never bright and overpowering. I said to Greg, “Wow, everything he wears is in his best colors.” Greg said “Yea, he has his own Color Analyst”. What? I never knew that there were people out there who did this for a living! I wanted to be one. Actually I have always been one, I just never did it as a profession. Until now. Color Analysis weighs prominently on my website because I feel it is one of the foundations for looking your best. You can have the fanciest outfit on but if it’s not in your color palette, at best it won’t do anything to enhance your look and at worst it can make you look older, washed out, and accentuate every blemish or fine line you have. Wearing your right colors enhances everything: you look younger, fresher, energized. Getting your colors professionally analyzed is an essential step in your quest to look your best.

The second essential step is to have a personalized eStyle Portfolio done. Armed with the knowledge of what your best colors are and what style of clothing and accessories flatter YOUR body best, you are set to take on the world!


Occasionally I will review some products or book that I like, with links to places where they can be purchased. Unlike most beauty sites which have links to every product under the sun, I will limit them to only items that I think are unique or valuable or somehow stand out in the crowd of the overly saturated world of beauty products.

Pretty Your World is my first website and I’m learning new things everyday. Please contact me if you have any suggestions, comments or questions. Visit often as I will be updating my site frequently!