Tips for a Successful Virtual Color Analysis

Thank you for submitting your Color Analysis Questionnaire.

Now I need photos.

Below are some important tips for a successful virtual color analysis. Obviously the accuracy of my analysis will be dependent on the quality of your photos.

Now is not the time to try to "look your best" by wearing makeup or showing you in only soft flattering light. I need to clearly see your eyes, skin (freckles, pores, etc.) and hair.

Absolutely no colored contact lenses please!

CRITICAL: I need at least one large photo of you that is:
*A headshot looking straight ahead
*No makeup
*Hair off face
*Good lighting (no shadows)
*As high resolution as possible (clear and large!)

Update: For the longest time, I advised clients to avoid cell phone cameras, like iphone and ipad photos. But over the years, Phone cameras have gotten better at picking up the subtleties of one's coloring, like digital cameras do. I still prefer digital cameras, but don't worry if you only have cell phone photos. But please read more tips below.  

Essentially, I need pictures that clearly represent your coloring.

Here are some more tips for a successful virtual color analysis with me
The more you of these types you can send, the better:

  • The larger the photograph, the better, but clarity is most important.
  • Ideally photos should be without makeup but I have found that pictures from different eras, from different lighting, with different makeup and hair color actually can help me. A bad color choice is just as revealing to me as one where you are wearing your best colors. However, daylight is the most accurate but NOT direct sunlight since it can wash your colors from your face.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have a clear photograph of yourself when you were a child, I find those helpful, particularly ages 5-12 or so. Professionally taken photos like those from Glamourshots, school photos, and wedding photos are helpful, but not if they have color altering filters applied to them.  *Photos that show your hair color before you started coloring it (if applicable) or before it changed due to hormones or age are helpful.
  • A specific picture of just your eye color helps, though any good photo that shows them clearly is sufficient.

Following the tips above will help ensure an accurate analysis. Send me what you can, and if I need more or need to ask more questions, we can proceed from there.

Below are some photo tips for a successful virtual color analysis

Good photo for virtual color analysis

Great Photo
Clear and high definition. Light is good. Minimal makeup. You can see the subtleties in her skin. Eye color is clearly seen.

not a good photo for a for virtual color analaysis

OK, but not great
Size is good. Hair color can be seen pretty well. But she must be facing away from light (shadow) and it flattens her skin tone. I can't see eye color very well at all. 

bad photo for virtual color analysis backlit

Not great
Size is good. I can see eyes ok. But it is backlit, so like the photo to the left, she is in a shadow and I cannot see skintones well at all. 

bad photo for virtual color analysis too far away

Not Good
Too far away. I actually get photos of people at the beach far away wearing their sunglasses. While I do appreciate the effort of sending any and all photos, those that are too far away, just do not help me to do an accurate analysis. 

good photo for hair only for virtual color analaysis

Ok, but limited
I can't really see her eye color and makeup seems to cover her skin. But it does show her natural hair color which is important. So along with other photos, this will help in my analysis.  It's better to send too many than too little (actually I have never received 'too many')

photo tips for virtual color analysis

Large and clear. I do ask that I get at least one closeup without makeup. But sometimes the makeup can really 'stick out' as being out of place, like these orange/brown colors do on this Deep Winter. Helpful, but would need to confirm things with additional photos.

bad photo for virtual color analysis

Bad Photo
The lighting skews everything. About the only thing I can determine is she is not a Winter.

I can also tell she has lighter eyes so no Deep Autumns for her either.

Good photo shows bad makeup and top color.

Very clear, high definition. I can see that makeup being completely out of place for her Cool Winter coloring.

Tip: Wrong makeup colors are more apparent on cool people than cool makeup on warm people.

very good photo for virtual color analysis

This photo is high definition. I can see eye color and skin tone very well. I can even see pores. I love to see pores. 

Being able to see eye color is very important. When someone says their eyes are hazel, I'm never really sure what they mean, as each person has their own definition of hazel. It won't matter if I can see it for myself.

Important: Childhood photos are very helpful

Clear Winter Child photo for virtual color analysis

I find childhood photos very important. Almost critical. It helps me see what your coloring naturally was and how much, if any, your coloring has changed. 

This little girl, right, is absolutely, undeniably a Clear Winter. It doesn't matter what her hair color is later in life - whether naturally or unnaturally - she was a Clear Winter. She's not going to naturally turn into a Light Spring, Deep Autumn, for example. 

Tip: With a few exceptions, going back to your coloring that you were when you were about this girl's age will almost always work best for you.

Of course, if you want to let your hair go grey, for example, we can determine what season is most appropriate for you. But knowing what you were as a child gives me a good idea of what season in to which you may want to transition. 

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