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I love putting fashion and style looks together via Polyvore. My purpose in putting these together is simply to illustrate some looks for each season. 

Sometimes if can be challenging to visualize, what, for example, a Sunlit Summer may look like, especially compared to a Dusty Summer. (tip: sometimes adding a touch of warmth with your earrings and necklace can change a Dusty to a Sunlit Summer). 

I did try partnering with a couple of clothing companies and affiliate stores but it just wasn't quiyr what I was looking for. My dream is to one day create my own clothing line, one that will contain the BEST colors for EACH and every season ALL year long. (note: anyone who is in the clothing industry and would like to partner with me on this, contact me!)

My polyvore looks for all of the seasons is not really meant to be a great place to actually shop for clothes, at least for most people, as most of the clothes are ridiculously expensive. However, if you can afford most of the items, count your blessings.

For the rest of us, use the polyvore wardrobe combinations I've created to help understand your season and hopefully find some similar but more affordable items when you shop. Have fun!

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