Learn the ColorBreeze Color Analysis System

The Most Advanced & Accurate System Available

Do you constantly try to color analyze everyone you meet, or everyone you see on TV and in magazines?

Do you know you have an eye for color analysis and would like to learn the deeper principles underlying the ColorBreeze System? 

The ColorBreeze Color Analysis Course is your gateway to the fun and exciting world of professional color analysis. You will learn the theory and practical skills that underpin the most advanced color analysis system available, all from the comfort of your home and around your schedule.

My online training course includes the 4-season color system, the 12 seasons, and the most updated system available, The ColorBreeze Color Analysis system. 

Comprising nine core modules, each one will build upon the previous module's lesson. I will emphasize the 'basic' 12-season color system since it is the cornerstone to understanding the more advanced ColorBreeze system. 

It is then you will learn about what makes the ColorBreeze system so unique. You will study high-definition photos like these: 

Cool Summer Makeupver
Virtual draping with warm vs deep autumn colors
Clear Winter Infograpic

Additional courses will be added that will include women of color, analyzing men, how aging affects one’s season, and more. You will be allowed free access to these modules. 

Besides those who are obsessed with Color Analysis in general, this training is ideal for:

  • Stylists, Hairdressers, Makeup Artists, and clothing boutique owners who are interested in learning how professional color analysis could add another income stream to their existing business.
  • Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, and other cosmetic distributors who want to learn how access to professional color analysis can help them increase the total sales values from their clients.
  • Those who want to pursue becoming a Certified ColorBreeze Consultant (successful completion of this course is a required step in the process).

Requirements: It is highly recommended that you watch video's on a desktop monitor or large-sized iPad.  

What You Will Learn:

  • Four levels of Training: 1) Basic 4-seasons, 2) Intermediate 12-Seasons, 3) Advanced ColorBreeze System, and 4) Master Level ColorBreeze Complete (brand new!)
  • Understanding the Theory behind each system.
  • How to Identify the traits of each season in people.
  • What really works and what doesn’t when analyzing someone (hint: looking at veins does NOT)
  • How to perform a 1x1 Color Analysis on your client.
  • Common sense color analysis principles.
  • Lots of clear photos, diagrams, and charts for easier learning.
  • You will take one final quiz at the end of the training consisting of 20 high-definition photos you must identify and 5 other multiple-choice questions. You will know instantly whether you passed or not. (You must get a score of 75 or more to pass). If after 3 chances you don't pass, you have the option to take additional training with me for an additional cost. 

Once you’ve passed, you will receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion from the ColorBreeze Academy.
  • Access to wholesale-priced swatches and other image tools.
  • Be placed in our priority database to receive email notices of special events or sales before public announcement.
  • For those interested, detailed information on the requirements for becoming a Certified Consultant for our upcoming new advanced certification platform*

Frequently Asked Questions Icon

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this Course

What is the cost, and what is included?

This course is $695.00.

This training will be self-study and I've taken away the portfolio requirement (needing to analyze 15 'real' clients). Instead, you take one big final test which will tell you whether you passed or not (you need to score at least 75 or more to pass).

You will have access to purchase optional swatches at a wholesale price of $43.

What topics will the training cover?

I will focus mainly on Color Analysis. Many “image consultant” training programs involve style, personal shopping, image branding, etiquette, etc. My training specializes in determining a person’s season. This is my number one objective with my training. I will also cover related topics like how aging affects one’s season; makeup, etc.

Why did you create this course?

Three Reasons:

  1. I wanted to create a network of trained associates who can provide accurate analysis to clients wanting in-person color analyses. Currently, I personally specialize in Virtual Color Analysis, but I often get people from around the world wondering if I have any trained consultants in their area. I will be developing a referral system for my trained consultants.
  2. There is, I feel, a lot of information floating out there of which much is inaccurate. I felt a need for some common-sense-color analysis training. Even for those who may have taken a quality training, often there is a need for even more in-depth analysis and mentoring.
  3. I wanted to provide the opportunity for people all over the world to study color analysis without the time and cost involved with in-person color analysis, which can run into thousands of dollars. This is not including the travel and hotel expenses that would go along with it.

Is any of the training done in-person?

All training is done online at this time.

But can you really learn color analysis online as well as learning it in person?

In a word, yes. In my opinion, you must understand the theory first. What good does it do to start draping people if you have no idea what you are looking for? Knowing the “what” and “why” will make the “how” much easier to implement.

Obviously, in-person training allows the student to see the draping take place in front of her, which is very helpful.

And honestly, taking in-person training cannot guarantee accuracy if the color system itself is an ineffective system. They do exist.

Is this training certified by AICI?

No. AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) is a respected organization that has set itself up to try and offer some regulation for Image Consultants. While some find it helpful to be a member of this organization, I don’t think it is a necessary requirement to be a successful Color Analyst. It can be cost-prohibited to become AICI certified (for myself and my students) and at this point, I don’t feel it isn’t something I want to move forward with. My training is a little unique, and I wish to retain the flexibility to maintain that unique training style.

Will this training allow me to do Virtual Color Analysis?

No. There are many things that can take a virtual color analysis into a wrong direction and destroy accuracy. And particularly when you are starting out as a new consultant, you need to build your reputation on accuracy. Successful virtual analysis requires equipment and skills that are beyond the scope of this course. Special training in this arena will be offered in the future.

What is so unique about your training?

Well, I don't want to just present information to whoever enrolls and hand out certificates of completion. I want to make sure the student has a real passion for color analysis and a dedication to really understand what it takes to be an accurate color professional. I want to present the core information and then test them with one challenging but fair test at the end to ensure they have an acceptable level of understanding.

Also, this training is very heavy with graphics and easy-to-understand examples that may be lacking in other color programs. It only focuses on Color Analysis, so we can give 100% to that subject and go deeper and more advanced than some other trainings.

*Are There Business Opportunities With ColorBreeze Color Analysis?

Currently, we have paused our Certified Consultant program in order to improve future opportunities.

We are diligently developing the structures for our new certification program to ensure that those who bear the ColorBreeze banner will be the most accomplished practitioners in this profession. We are adding rigorous new trainings and procedures that will enable our future Consultants to deliver our services at the highest standards of accuracy and competency.

Should you be interested in the future certification program, please let us know and we will be happy to add your name to our Notification list. You will then be contacted when the new program is ready to be launched so you can personally explore the new ColorBreeze opportunities.

Successful completion of the ColorBreeze Color Analysis Course will be one of the requirements for the new Certification process. If you successfully complete the course now or have in the past, we will grant you credit for this requirement under the new Certification program.

If you still have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Lora@Prettyyourworld.com


Please note, there are no refunds after training has begun so please contact me with any questions or concerns beforehand.