The ColorBreeze Seasons

All the ColorBreeze seasons begins with the 4 main seasons.  After that, there are 5 or 6 sub-seasons. Summers and Autumns will each have the extra season, since they are overall a 'soft' season to start with. 

Depending on whether a Soft season has been toned with grey (lighter or darker grey) or toasted with brown (lighter or darker brown) will determine if they the 'flow' warm (sunlit or toasted) or "flow" cool (dusty or smokey). 

Click on the name of the sub-seasons season below to learn more about that season.

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Tips about the Soft Sub-seasons:

Lighter Soft sub-seasons will be either Dusty or Sunlit. (The Springs and the lighter Soft Summers and Soft Autumns). 

Deeper Soft sub-seasons will either be Smokey or Toasted (The Winters and the deeper Soft Summers and Soft Autumns).