Makeup & Some Slightly Different Rules

Makeup for Light Seasons

I've always said that there are slightly different rules when it comes to makeup and how it relates to color analysis.

Makeup is one of the most important things to get right. Nothing can show up more noticeably wrong than wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow. And foundations should always be correct.

Let’s say you know your color season and your best palette of colors. You might even have one of my color swatches. And let’s say you are a Cool Winter (Winters can be the toughest to get makeup right for). You know that as a Cool Winter that magenta and hot pink are colors that will always look good on you. So why not wear your blush and lipstick in that shade?

It’s all about looking natural. I realize, of course, that there are lots of different makeup looks. And wearing bold colors is appropriate for some situations.

But since color analysis is first and foremost about finding colors that harmonize with your natural coloring, the look you first should try to aim for is a natural one. The natural almost-no-makeup look is always appropriate for the office, PTA meetings, and casual affairs. After that, you can go for the bold 

So back to the ‘rules’ for makeup colors: the answer to whether a Cool Winter should wear a hot pink blush and lipstick is “No”. Unless you apply it as a light wash of color (do-able but tricky), you want a color that is both natural but whose temperature matches yours.

Makeup for Cool Seasons can be Challening

Clear Winter Woman with bold and natural makeup.

I find that cool seasons have the toughest time when choosing makeup colors when they are wanting a natural look, particularly Winters.  

Here's a Clear Winter example to illustrate the need for different rules regarding makeup colors and your general color analysis rules. 

As we know, Clear Winters' palette is filled with the brightest, most saturated cool colors. They include hot pink, magenta, clear blues, bright purple, among other bold and bright colors.

These are fabulous colors for her wardrobe, jewelry, and accessories. She would look fabulous. 

However, there are colors that just do not belong in the eye area, and even lip area unless it's done with restraint. Or if you are going to an 80's party, of course.

Before I continue, I do want to say again that I am not against having fun with makeup and if you are a Winter whose personality is bold and creative, or you work in a very creative field, then by all means, go for a strong, bold look if you want to. 

But like my advice with color analysis, my advice about makeup is common-sense and practical. I know I have some clients and readers who are creative and fearless with makeup. But most of my clients are those who just want advice to help them look their best by looking their most natural. Professional or every day looks are what they are wanting.

So back to my Clear Winter model above: In the left photo, she is wearing all those cool bright colors that would look fine in her wardrobe. But when you want a natural-looking, everyday makeup look, you will want to tone things down considerably.

The photo on the right shows her wearing some cool taupe/grey eyeshadow, some soft pink blush and a very light pinkish, almost nude lip color. She looks so much better and so much more natural. You notice HER first, not her makeup.

Deep Autumns don't alway have to have deep makeup

Mature Deep Autumn woman makeunderA makeunder is actually more refreshing for this woman.

Here's another example of how one does not have to translate the colors and traits from her color analysis season exactly to her makeup. 

The lady above is a Deep Autumn. Having lots of bronzer and dark lipstick is actually aging her (left). Lightening up on the bronzer and using a fresh peach shade for lipstick creates a much more refreshing and youthful look (right). 

Neutral Lipstick colors

Makeup Tip for mature Deep seasons:

Particularly if you keep your hair dark, you will want to put the focus on your deep eye color by using medium-to-deep eye color, applied with a light touch. Eyeliner is very useful in defining your eye since one starts to lose definition and color in the eye area as we age. And don't forget mascara. 

But with lipstick, it can be tricky unless you are quite adept at applying dark liner and color. Even if you are skilled at applying lipstick, having strong lipstick and strong eye makeup can be aging. I would choose one or the other. Also, if you have thin lips, dark lip color is rarely ever flattering. A good neutral to medium everyday shade is better. 

Learn more about the slightly different rules regarding makeup and color analysis when you purchase "Pretty Your World's Makeup Book" (real original title, huh?)  No hype; just common sense advice.

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