The different guidelines for choosing color

For the time being, I am housing most of my makeup tips, information and makeup line on a separate site.

Our blog, The Color Girls, is where we offer our makeup line that you can purchase each month. It is also where my business partner, Rachelle, and I will be talking about makeup, makeup, makeup.

We will also talk about any and everything related to color, skincare, fashion, celebrities and everything else that pop into our heads.

One thing that I will say about Makeup here is this:

There are slightly different ‘rules’ when it comes to choosing the colors and applying makeup in relationship to your season.

Not every color that is a Power Color for you in your palette and wardrobe will translate successfully to a makeup color.

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Is wearing no makeup more "natural" as wearing some makeup?

Answer: No

Statistically speaking, most people perceive a woman wearing no makeup at all as unprofessional vs. someone who wears some makeup. Of course, wearing too muchmakeup is a big beauty mistake, too.

The key is to wear makeup in a way that makes it look like you are wearing none at all! The "natural look" actually requires some good techniques. 

Tip: Wearing the most neutral colors in your seasonal palette is smart if you work in a business setting. Brown and beige are great eyeshadow and liner shades if you need warm undertones; shades of Grey and charcoal work for cool undertones.

*Bottom Line:

Natural looking makeup is now considered standard in the business and professional world.

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