Please excuse any confusion you may experience as I update my website to include my new Color Breeze color analysis system!

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Take a peek at my new intro for the Color Breeze System below: 

Your Own Virtual Color & Beauty Consultant 

Do you Know Your Season?

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Pretty Your World is your own virtual beauty consultant. It is THE place to find the finest tools and information to help you look your absolute best. Specializing in everything related to advanced color analysis systems, we offer advanced color analysis by a certified professional color analyst. Featuring fabulous image tools like deluxe color swatches, eStyle Portfolios, eBooks, and honest, no hype beauty advice and products all from the comfort of your own home.

We offer some of the best products for anyone wanting to look their best. 

*All original artwork by Lora Alexander

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The New ColorBreeze swatches are available now!

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For anyone I've labeled as any kind of "Soft" season (soft summer/autumn, toned winter or spring) in the last 2 years, I will tell you your specific season in the new ColorBreeze system for only $20!

Once you order, please send me your original name and email address so I can find your records. Or else you can send them again if you'd like to

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Now all Analyses will be done using the ColorBreeze System!