Real Women Case Studies

Case #2

Elena was an important case for me because I got her wrong! Well, with the system I was using at the time, I chose the best season for her from what was available. See her coloring below.

I've seen coloring like this before. Rich, heavy Autumn coloring that struck me as either a Deep Autumn or a Warm Autumn. Her coloring to me was a lot like actress Ellie Kemper from "The Office". 

Clearly an Autumn. But Ellie has a definite heaviness to her with the dark brown eyes and rich auburn hair.

Additionally, of the many phots my client sent me, the majority had varying shades of red hair, though some, like this one,(left) had almost black hair. 

Because of the heaviness, I labeled her a Deep Autumn, but said she was almost a blend of both Deep and Warm. I advised her to wear the warmest colors of the Deep Autumn, or the deepest colors of the Warm Autum palette. 

Note, I did not consider the deeper soft autumn, since at that time, the deeper soft autmn season was deep but muted. Elena clearly needed warmth. 

Long story short, she contacted me again for some more clarification about her season. At the time she contacted me, I had the seed of the ColorBreeze system growing in my mind. In the end, because of my brand new ColorBreeze season "Toasted Autumn", things made since to me about these deep, very warm Autumns who were not deep enough to be Deep Autumns, but too deep to be Warm Autumns. 

This made sense to her. Here is her response after getting her new Toasted Autumn swatch:  "Let me say it's really a beautiful object. You added a lot of information and I like the shiny paper even more than the satin version. But I liked my new colors above all. When I opened it I finally felt to have found my home. Neither the shaded nor the pure Autumn swatches gave me this feeling. Thanks thanks thanks!   Elena, Italy

Thank YOU Elena, for helping me learn something brand new!

Case #1

Sophia is one who most people might consider a Light Spring. That was the first season I tested her for.   

To show you how I determine a person's undertone (I had already determined her dominant characteristic of "Light") I do a virtual draping which simply consists of putting key test colors under her photo to see which one is better. Keep in mind that the photo must be high definition and in excellent lighting for this to work. Luckily Sophia sent me great large photos, including childhood pictures too. 

Being a Light season means she is either a Light Spring or Light Summer. I can see  both coolness and warmth in her.  Test colors are meant to 'draw out' the client's undertone by one cooler being better than the other. Both colors may not be her best choices, but at least one will be better than the other.  

In the photo above, do the '3 second' test:  close your eyes for 3 seconds and then look at the photo to see which one seems to clarify her coloring better.

I feel that the purple/magenta accomplishes this, while the orange seems to magnify shadows. The cool color makes her pretty blue eyes pop and brings out the subtle pinkness in her cheeks. 

Here is my makeover I did on her via

More Case studies to come...

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Real Women Examples

While everyone loves to see celebrity examples, many people want to see ‘real women’ who typify particular seasons. To the leftare some women who have graciously allowed me to use their photos.

 I do ask many clients if it is ok to use their pictures and most politely say no. Many don’t like me using pictures of them without makeup, which I totally understand. I feel like a hypocrite asking people for photos since I don’t even like showing photos of myself on my own website, and these are even pictures of me all made up! I have issues.

But for an accurate color analysis, it is critical for me to see women without makeup so I can see their skin and natural coloring. So I am especially grateful to the ladies below who volunteered to be posted on here so others can see ‘real women’ and their seasons. 

By the way, I don't come right out an ask anymore, unless they mark that they may be interested in being a model on my site on their questionnaire. 

If you would like to volunteer to be a model, (feel free to share a link to a website, charity, business, etc) just let me know.