Wrong Colors

What is Color Analysis?

Simply put, Color Analysis is the art and science of studying a person's natural coloring (skin, hair, and eyes) and determining a category or 'season' for her with a corresponding color palette. 

The wrong colors:
“Sit” on skin
Make others notice the color first, not YOU
Can be Aging
Can make you look ill
Emphasize negative areas

The right colors:
“Melt into” your skin; Others notice YOU first
Make your eyes pop
Everything harmonizes
Can make you look younger and more refreshed

Right Colors

What Color Analysis is NOT

Color Analysis is not about matching colors to your personality. Style personality is important. But a bright personality does not necessarily mean that person has to wear bright colors. And a reserved, quiet person doesn't have to wear soft, muted colors.

Style personality (whether you are a Romantic, Classic, Dramatic, etc.) is important to know and to develop.

But Style is about what's INSIDE. Color Analysis is about what is on the OUTSIDE. And matching your clothes and accessories to match it.

Your Style Personality can come through by utilizing your palette of colors, regardless of what season you are. But if you use only your best colors, everything else is improved and YOU and your personality will be noticed first. Your colors will enhance, not distract, from your look.

Color Analysis is also NOT about matching colors to your body shape. There is a train of thought that a person's body shape will reveal her 'season' and tell her the best colors she should wear. Soft, shapely bodies should wear soft colors; dramatically shaped bodies should wear dramatic colors and so forth. I don't believe in this at all. Wearing colors that harmonize with your skin, eyes and hair is all you need to focus on. Body shape is not a factor.

I have a list of "The 15 Top Color Analysis Myths" you can download instantly to learn more.