What is Color Analysis?

Color Analysis is a powerful image too that determines a person's best palette of colors to wear which will enhance and enliven her or his natural coloring. 

This is done by studying a person's skin, hair, and eyes and determining a category or 'season' for that person. 

We use the name 'season' since the corresponding main categories of colors seem to match North America's weather seasons' colors beautifully.  





4 north american weather seasons

What is Color Analysis' main purpose?

Color analysis' main purpose is to help you look good. Not just good, but to help you you look your absolute best.  The effects are obvious. 

What is color analysis showing wrong vs right colors

The wrong colors:

  • “Sit” on skin
  • Make others notice the color first, not YOU
  • Can be Aging
  • Can make you look 
  • Emphasize negative areas

The right colors:

  • “Melt into” your skin
  • Others notice YOU first
  • Make your eyes pop
  • Can make you look younger and more refreshed
  • You will need less makeup
  • Everything harmonizes

Color is the first thing people notice about you.  Use it to your advantage to make a fantastic first impression

You can learn more about color analysis and analyze yourself. I make my website very informative so others can learn about the different seasons and hopefully be able to recognize themselves in some of the examples. 

If you just cannot figure out your season or just want to confirm you thoughts, you can invest in a professional virtual analysis from me.

Whichever you prefer, add this powerful image tool to your beauty arsenal today if you haven't already.

Here are some more photos showing the benefits of wearing your right colors. 

wrong vs right colors on warm autumn woman

Here is a true 'turtleneck test' I spoke about before.

Turtlenecks are good for determining whether a color is good for you or not. It sits right up to your face so hopefully it will be in the right color to reflect and enhance similar tones in your complexion. 

The cool grey top just seems to cut her off under the face (aove, left).  Nothing is enhanced and the cool makeup just sits on the skin.  Can you see that nothing harmonizes? And even some blotchiness on her skin is emphasized. 

The warm beige turtleneck harmonizes and reflects her existing warm tones. Her warm makeup sinks into her skin. And those blotches on her skin is barely noticeable. 

FYI: warm beige is a light neutral in her Warm Autumn palette. Worn alone, it might be a bit too light. Ideally, she could find a deeper brown, or simply wear a darker brown jack over the top. But it is so much better than the cool grey.

Wrong vs. right colors  on clear winter woman

This woman is a Cool Winter. She needs to avoid warm colors completely.

See how the warm light yellow top and brown-toned makeup (top, left) does nothing for her? Warm colors on people with very cool coloring can make some look ill. 

But you can see how the pure white top and cool makeup colors make her come alive? Everything is clarified and her beautiful blue eyes pop. 

Light Spring Corporate Woman right and wrong colors

And finally, my last example. Black and white is pretty standard in the business world. It's great if you are a Winter with dark, cool coloring. For many other seasons, it can be a problematic color. It can draining and overpowering. 

You can see this on our Light Spring model above. The black and white does absolutely nothing to enhance her coloring.

The warmer ivory jacket and blouse on the right enlivens this woman.

It's not only the warmth that harmonizes with her coloring.  Her dominant trait is Light, so getting her value right is crucial as well as her undertone. She still looks professional but also refreshed and totally harmonized. 

What Color Analysis is NOT

Color Analysis has grown immensely since I started this website in 2008. It's popularity growth is a good thing. But with it comes lots of confusing, contradictory, and just plain wrong information.

For example, Color Analysis is not about matching colors to your personality. Style personality is important. But a bright personality does not necessarily mean that person has to wear bright colors. And a reserved, quiet person doesn't have to wear soft, muted colors.

Style personality (whether you are a Romantic, Classic, Dramatic, etc.) is important to know and to develop. But Style is about what's INSIDE and what your preferences are and what you want to project to the world. 

Color Analysis is about what is on the OUTSIDE, and matching your clothes, makeup, haircolor, and accessories to match it.

Your Style Personality can come through by utilizing your palette of colors, regardless of what season you are. But if you use only your best colors, everything else is improved and YOU and your personality will be noticed first. Your colors will enhance, not distract, from your look.

Color Analysis is also not about matching colors to your body shape. There is a train of thought that a person's body shape will reveal her 'season' and tell her the best colors she should wear. For example, soft, shapely bodies should wear soft colors; dramatically shaped bodies should wear dramatic colors, and so forth. 

There is no validity in this! Ignore it if you read it or someone tries to tell you this.  Wearing colors that harmonize with your skin, eyes and hair is all you need to focus on. Body shape is not a factor, at least not when it comes to wearing your best colors. 

I have a list of "The 15 Top Color Analysis Myths" you can download instantly to learn more about some common misconceptions. 

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