What Pretty Your World is All About 

Pretty Your World specializes in Color Analysis, first and foremost.

It is THE place to find the finest image tools and information to help you look your absolute best.
We talk about everything related to color analysis, from the baic four season system to the most
advanced system available today, my ColorBreeze Complete Color System.

My featured service is an advanced, in-depth virtual color analysis by me, Lora Alexander,
a veteran, certified professional color analyst.

I take color analysis seriously. Getting a person's season correct is what I'm most concerned with.

Accuracy is my primary goal, always.

Discover the power of Color Analysis and what it can do for you. 

It changed my life; I'm sure it can do the same for you.

What Color Analysis Can Do for You

Once you know your right 'season' or palette of colors, life gets better. Easier.

You look younger, more refreshed.

Buying choices become easier. You build a working wardrobe that works beautifully together.

Eliminating wrong color choices will save you time and money.

Create a powerful impact with a confident, harmonized look.

With so many positives and no negatives, wearing your best
colors is a no-brainer.

Related to Color Analysis is makeup, fashion and style.