The Power of Color Analysis

Pretty Your World is THE place to learn about Color Analysis. We offer the finest image tools and information to help you look your absolute best. 

I talk about everything related to color analysis, including different color systems: from the basic four-season system, to the 12-season system, up to the most advanced system available today, my ColorBreeze Complete.

My featured service is an advanced, in-depth virtual analysis by me, Lora Alexander, a veteran, certified professional color analyst. I take color analysis seriously. Getting a person's season correct is what I'm most concerned with.

Accuracy is my primary goal, always.

Discover the power of Color Analysis and what it can do for you. 

It changed my life; I'm sure it can do the same for you.

What Exactly is Color Analysis?

Cool Winter wearing wrong and right colors.This is the Power of Color Analysis!

If you are new to color analysis, you can click on this link to learn more about what it is and what it's not. 

But essentially, color analysis is an image tool you can use to help you look your absolute best. This is done by analyzing your skin, hair, and eyes to find a palette of colors that will help harmonize with your natural coloring. 

You have so many beauty tools already. If you don't utilize the power of color, you are missing out. The right colors help all of your other beauty tools work together even better.  Clothing, makeup, hair color, jewelry, scarves, purses, and lots of beauty and fashion items will work together synergistically to enhance all of your image tools, helping you to create a powerful presence. 

Sunlit Autumn in right colorsBHAM! This woman looks amazing!

What it does for you is even more impressive.

Wearing your best colors close to the face will help to enhance and reflect tones in your complexion, hair, and eyes, creating a unified, harmonious look. The colors will



Amplify, and


your coloring. I call this effect "BHAM!". This is often the feeling you get when you see someone wearing their best colors, as you think, "Bham! You look amazing!"

This is my thought about this woman, left. Hair, makeup, scarves, sweater, hat - they are all in harmony with each other, and the effect is beautiful. 

Not a huge fashionista? Great. Color becomes even more important for those who don't wear much makeup, don't color their hair, and just like a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt as their go-to outfit. 

The same goes for men. Color Analysis is often the only type of 'cosmetic' most men use to enhance their coloring. 

Do you know your best colors?

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear

Do you have a closet full of clothes but still feel you have "nothing to wear" most of the time?

When you look in your closet, do you see every color of the rainbow? Is it hard to mix and match clothing items?

Or perhaps you "play it safe" and wear mainly black and grey?

Are the colors that used to look fabulous on you still as flattering? Hormones, aging, even medicine can sometimes change one's coloring.

Do you struggle with finding the right shade of lipstick? Foundation? Blush?

Do you know what hair color will be the most natural and vibrant for you?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself...

Woman indecisive about what to wear,
  • Why do the clothes I buy usually look better on the hanger than on me?
  • Why certain colors look beautiful on you while others make you look boring (or worse!)
  • Will wearing neutral colors look elegant? Or draining?
  • Everyone can wear black, right?
  • Should I choose warm or cool foundations?
  • Now that I am choosing to embrace my grey hair do I have to change my makeup and wardrobe?
  • What is my color season (is this even still a thing?)
  • But isn't color analysis old and outdated?

The answer to those last two questions, is an emphatic YES and No, respectively.

All of the other questions are answered once learn about color analysis and become analyzed (accurately analyzed, of course). 

What Color Analysis Can Do for You

Virtual Makeover on Mature Soft SpringVirtual Makeover on a Light Spring woman.

Once you find your color season, whether done by a certified color consultant like me or you analyze yourself, life gets a little easier.

First, you will have a corresponding color palette from which to choose your right colors.

This color palette will help eliminate the guesswork of choosing colors for your wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and even hair color. 

Shopping becomes easier and more fun once you know your right colors. 

You can declutter your wardrobe and build a working wardrobe that saves you time and money.

And choosing the right color is FREE! It doesn't cost any more to choose the right color than the one that drains you.  

Wearing only your best colors will help clarify your skin tone, enhance your hair color, and make your eyes take center stage.

You look younger, more refreshed, and feel more confident.

Wearing your right colors can be the difference between looking good and great.