Universal Colors

Colors that look good on Everyone

Universal Colors are specific colors that one will find in each of the seasonal color palettes. They may or not be one of your Power Colors, but they are generally flattering to everyone, especially when they are paired with the rest of your seasonal palette colors.

Soft White: Unless you are a Winter or Clear Spring, Soft White is a better choice than a Pure White. Soft White is a Power Color for Summers.

Teal: Because of it's balance of cool and warm, Teal is a great universal color, especially where Emerald Green or Royal Blues are too overpowering for your coloring.

Navy: For Navy to work for you, particularly if you are not a Winter, make sure it's a medium shade, not super dark. If you pair Navy with white, the contrast can be too much for seasons who should avoid high contrast, like Soft Seasons. Pair it with greys or lighter shades of blue instead, to lessen the impact.

Purple: A lovely shade that flatters everyone. It has to be plain Purple, though, not grape, or royal purple, or lavender. Those colors are, of course, power colors for certain seasons, but the universally flattering shade is the medium purple. Here are some photo's of celebrities wearing this particular shade of Purple, and how great it looks on them.

Stone: A shade that's sort of a mix of white, grey and tan. It's a good neutral color but too much of it without some accents will be boring.

Periwinkle: Technically it's a pastel version of indigo, a blue violet color. Again, the right shade will look great on everyone.