Cast of Yellowstone Analyzed

I've analyzed the cast of Yellowstone. It was fun. 

As I haven't been able to analyze them in person, of course, here is my best guess for the main characters. 

You can read my comments for each below. 

Kevin Coster
"John Dutton"
Sunlit Soft Summer

Luke Grimes
Smokey Soft Autumn

Kelly Reilly
Warm Spring

Cole Hauser
Sunlit Soft Autumn

Kelsey Asbill
Deep Autumn

Wes Bentley
Cool Winter

Comments on the Cast of Yellowstone actors

Kevin Costner: There is, what I feel, an amusing connection between Kevin Costner, Color Analysis, and my profession on my "About" page. I'm not sure if they purposely avoid dress him in his best colors on the show, but they do. I am going to assume it is because his rough character couldn't care less about looking good, most of the time. 

Luke Grimes: He's a perfect example of a Smokey Soft Autumn. 

Kelly Reilly: In a newsletter, I explained that I was certain she was a Spring with her blonde hair. But it turns out she is a natural redhead. It's quite possible she is true Warm Autumn. But for now, I'm going to officially label her a Warm Spring. 

Cole Hauser: On the show, the dark hair and beard look like a Winter. But as you can see, he's a naturally a Sunlit Soft Autumn. 

Kelsey Asbill:  I was certain that she was a Winter, most likely a Soft Winter. But I saw photos of her that showed her in some bright winter colors and they were clearly way overpowering on her. Bright colors are some of the worst on her. After more analysis, I feel that her coloring is naturally a Deep Autumn. 

Wes Bentley: Easy - he's a Cool Winter. 

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