Embracing Ai Art Part 2

As I explained in a previous post, I have been enthusiastically embracing Ai art for my business. And I have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who say they find it helpful in understanding color analysis, which is my entire reason for doing this.

But there are always those who are unhappy and critical, and I’ve seen some negative comments, too.

This post is to explain, again, why I’m using Ai art. If there are any future criticisms, I will refer those people to this post.

I do understand the concerns some people have about AI, and I understand that new technologies can be unsettling. However, it's important to recognize that AI, like any new technology, is not inherently good or evil; it's how we choose to use it that matters.

In my case, AI art helps me create images that align perfectly with my purpose of visualizing people in their right colors, including hair color, clothing and makeup, and even in environments that echo their coloring, like this one:

Sunlit Soft Spring woman on a farm at sunset.

I've found these AI images incredibly helpful for showcasing the different seasons of people of all ages, sizes, and races, each in their best colors. If someone can see themselves in any of these images and it helps them figure out their season, that's fantastic!

I'm not using ai to sway an election, scam anyone, fraudulently deceive anyone about anything. It's simply a visual way to showcase different people wearing their right colors. 

Regarding the comment “Why don’t you use real people?" 

"Real people" require model releases, otherwise they may change their mind after you've set them up online or have printed their images in a book, or shared them on Pinterest, etc. All of which has happened to me in the past. It is a huge pain. 

For those who find them ‘disturbing’ as one person commented recently, I say this: there are so many truly disturbing things out there in the world; an ai generated picture of a woman smiling is not one of them. Watch the news more. And if one does find my images disturbing, the simple solution is to simply unfollow me. I wont be upset.

Thanks to everyone else for your support!



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