Fashion and Style
and Color Analysis

I loved putting fashion and style looks together via Polyvore. My purpose in putting these together was simply to illustrate some looks for each season.

Sometimes if can be challenging to visualize, what, for example, a Sunlit Summer may look like, especially compared to a Dusty Summer. (tip: sometimes adding a touch of warmth with your earrings and necklace can change a Dusty to a Sunlit Summer).

My polyvore looks for all of the seasons were not really meant to be a great place to actually shop for clothes, at least for most people, as most of the clothes are ridiculously expensive. However, if you can afford most of the items, count your blessings.

Plus, Polyvored closed down! I was devastated, as most of the fashion blogging world was.

But they allowed me to save most of my collections. Here are some of my favorite  Polyvore looks at the bottom of this page. Plus they are still on Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite fashion and style sets

Soft Autumn light polyvore look 1
Creative Winter Season Clothes
Creative Autumn fashions
Dusty Autumn and Sunlit Summer fashions
Deep Autumn fashion clothes 2
Elegant Clear Spring clothes
Feminine style soft summer light clothes
Garden Inspirations for Winter fashions
Dramatic deep winter fashions
Paris Winter fashions
Soft spring fashions
Light Summer angel fashion idea

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