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There is a lot color analysis myths out there. Myths about how to find your undertones, what makeup to wear with your skin tone, etc.

Some of the tons of information you will find is accurate. But there is way too much wrong information out there. It confuses people and, quite frankly, does a disservice to the field of color analysis.

Color Analysts struggle to be taken seriously some times, fighting against the belief that color analysis is outdated and just not accurate.

In response, I created a report of the top myths that are prevalent in our field. And need to be addressed. 

If you haven't read my free report "Top 15 Myths of Color Analysis", you can now download it instantly. Just click the button on the bottom page. 

Below are just a couple of highlights from the report. These are some of the most persistent myths regarding Color Analysis, and it drives me crazy.

Myth: Look at your veins to see if you are cool or warm

Color Myth - Veins are not helpful.

I see this all the time. But veins cannot tell you what your season is. It cannot indicate what your undertones are. It is not helpful. Period.

Myth: Anyone can be any season, (i.e. 'there are no rules')

In other words, according to this myth, a light, ashy blonde with cool blue eyes and cool skin could potentially be a Deep Winter, if that is how she 'drapes' out.
Or a flaming redhead with green eyes and freckles could be a Cool Summer. 

This is nonsense.

Picture of a definite Light Spring.

These were just two myths. Find out many more by downloading my Free "Top 15 Color Analysis Myths" Report Now.

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