Color Analysis Myths

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Below are just a couple of highlights from the report. These are some of the most persistent myths regarding Color Analysis, and it drives me crazy.

Myth: Look at your veins to see if you are cool or warm
I see this all the time. But veins cannot tell you what your season is. Period.

Myth: Anyone can be any season

In other words, a light, ashy blonde with cool blue eyes and cool skin could potentially be a Winter, if that is how she 'drapes' out.

This is nonsense.

Take a look at this woman below. She is clearly a Winter. She doesn't need to be draped to find this out. But believing that *maybe* she could be an Autumn opens up the possibility for some analyst to make that mistake.

The warm, muted colors look muddy on her. The cool clear colors makes her shine.

Knowing the different categories of seasons is crucial in determining one's season.

Don't believe that anyone can be any season. There are parameters to each category and a well-trained consultant will be able to find your correct one.

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