A Color Analysis Myth I wish would go away

Not too long ago, got a comment on my website regarding a virtual makeover I did. I usually ask my readers to share their thoughts on a person's coloring before I tell them what I think her season is. 

Without going into too much detail, the woman, who I found out later is a color analyst herself, commented something to the effect,  “I would let her personality and design preferences help determine her season". She added, “Do you know anything about her?”

Clearly she is implying that to do a color analysis one has to learn about a client's preferences, her personality, her favorite colors, etc.

This is just one of many myths I talk about in my report “15 Top Myths of Color Analysis”. If you haven’t read it yet, you can download it for free here.

I responded to this woman with the following comment:

I don't believe that a person's personality affects her palette or season. Color Analysis is about the 'outside' of the person - harmonizing with her skin, hair, and eyes. Once we know her category, or where she sits on Munsell's color tree, then her insides (personality and preferences) determine *how* she wears her palette.

This Color Analysis Myth is persistent

I wanted to add how tired I am of seeing this myth out there. Color Analysis is challenging enough and no one needs to add things into the mix that have no bearing on a correct outcome.

There is an entire ‘system’ out there built on the belief that your personality and also your body and face shape (addressed in my report, too) will determine your season. I’ve had many clients over the years who told me they had spent a small fortune on this system, not only for their analysis, but once they were analyzed, in the purchase of all new clothes and makeup.  Then after trying desperately to make it work, they finally realized it was a lot of non-sense.

There is definitely merit to Style Personality and it’s a important part of your image management playbook. But that comes from inside, too, not from the outside.

You can still project an alluring style or a bohemian look, or a classic conservative look whether you are short, tall, large or skinny. THAT does come from the inside.

But color analysis is based on the outside – skin, hair, and eyes. I call it S.H.E. in my training.  S.H.E is only what is used to categorize a person’s coloring. 

After she knows her best palette of colors, then she can decide how best to utilize those colors based on her style personality, her profession, etc. And, of course, there is some wiggle room with colors that can be added or ignored based on her preferences.

But the palette is the starting point. And is solely on the outside.

Again, the Color Analysis myth that your personality and/or body shape dictates the colors you should wear needs to go away forever.