Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts

Colored contacts can enhance your coloring, by adding some 'oomph' to your looks. They can even change your perceived season, whether this is what you intended or not.

However, they can also make you look weird or freaky if they are not the right color for your season, or go completely against your color traits.

Since eyes are so crucial in color analysis, especially when looking for signs of a person's chroma, changing it can really alter ones perceived season.

Brown Eyed Springs? Yes, they exist

Below is my Sunlit Light Spring model. Add dark brown contact lenses to her naturally light grey-blue eyes and see what happens. It visually makes her seem 'heavier.'

Assuming her hair was naturally blonde, if I analyzed her with the brown eyes, I would put her into either a Lighter Soft Autumn category or else a Sunlit Soft Spring. You don't see a lot of brown-eyed springs; Modern Family's Julie Bowen is one though her brown eyes are lighter than the one below.

Hint: Most brown-eyed Springs are Sunlit Soft Springs. 

I did have a client from Europe with very similar coloring. Her eyes were brown and her hair was naturally very blonde (confirmed with lots of childhood and teen photos of her). Because her hair was so very light, as well as her skin, I did put her into the Soft Spring category.

Spring woman with brown contact lenses.

Brown Contact Lenses on a Winter

Most Winters will have dark hair. The big differences between the different sub-seasons will be eye color. Cool and Clear Winters usually have light and/or bright blue eyes, with a few exceptions.

Adding dark brown contacts can change those Winters into a Deep Winter. Adding lighter brown or contacts could make her look Soft Winter.

Brown contact lenses on a Winter woman.

Lightening dark eyes with lighter-colored contacts

Turning dark eyes to light and clear can be tricky. You run the risk of them looking a bit unnatural. But I’ve seen it done successfully.

This Deep Winter below changes into a Clear Winter in minutes.

Clear Contact lenses on a Deep Winter.

Soft Seasons and Eye Color

Soft Summers and Soft Autumns sometimes can have almost the same neutral hair and skin color. The only differing trait might be eye color. Here's an image I created changing only the eye color and then their makeup. 

Soft Autumn and Soft Summer with colored contact lenses

So you can see what a dramatic difference colored contacts can make in your appearance.

Knowing this can allow you to push the boundaries of your color season and experiment with other seasons. 

Just remember to adjust the rest of your wardrobe, hair (warmer eye color can allow for warmer highlights, for example) and especially makeup, to make things harmonize successfully.

Adjust your palette of colors to reflect your (possibly) new season.

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