Diamond Face Shape

How to determine the Diamond Face Shape
The cheekbones are the widest part of the face.
•The chin and forehead are narrower than the cheek width.
•Jawline and forehead are usually more angular than rounded.

Your Goal: To look for hairstyles that visually broaden your forehead and chin.

Choose Styles that add fullness at the temples or the jawline.
Parts: Slightly off-center parts with bangs that sweep to the side will add some width to the forehead.
Medium length styles and hair swept up into a bun etc.

Very short styles and center parts.
Fullness at the ear line.
Too much height on the top of the head.

Choose frames that are narrow on the upper frame and wider on the lower. Look for frames with gentle curves and are wide or decorative above the eye line.
Do not allow frames to hide your great cheekbones.

Choose full looking hats that have large brims to add width to the top of the head.

Choose earrings that add width to balance the thin chin line.  
Tear drops
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