Find Your Undertone with my Face Flash Cards

Face Flash card Sunlit Soft Autumn woman

My new Face Flash Cards are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

The concept of the cards is to simply test very particular colors in a specific order to help guide you along in determining you or a client's best season.

We start by finding her undertone. As you know, many people can have both warm and cool undertones, making things much more challenging. But even the blended temperature seasons should have one be more dominant than the other. This is when where the first step starts: testing the cool color on one side and then flipping the card over to the warm side.

The images below tests the cool color against the warm color. I've marked the 'winners' with a checkmark. Can you see why I chose each specific color over the other? 

Can you see how, in the photo above, the orange blends in with her overall coloring? She's a Sunlit Soft Autumn, so she is all warm. The Pink seems disconnected from her completely.

Here a some more.

Face Flash Card Deep Winter woman

Like any true Winter, black lights this lady up. Even though she has a slightly warm overtone, the black card clarifies her face and makes her eyes stand out more.

Face Flash Cards Warm Autumn woman

While the black makes a Winter light up, this Autumn looks disconnected from it.
Brown blends with her natural warm coloring.

Face Flash Dusty Soft Autumn

This Dusty Autumn harmonizes with the cream color. The white just seems disconnected from her face.

What we are looking for is which color which color blends into and harmonizes with the person's coloring. Each set of test colors are chosen for a reason, and once you determine the first step of choosing one's undertone, you move on to her main season and then onto her specific sub-season.

No matter whether you are looking for just your undertone, just your main season, or your specific sub-season within the ColorBreeze Complete, our Flash Cards will help get you there.

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