Oblong Face Shape

How to determine the Oblong Face
The face is longer than it is wide.
The chin and cheekbones are rounded and relatively narrow. The forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width.
The only difference between oblong and rectangle is the oblong has rounded chin andjaw and forehead, and the rectangle face is angular.

GOAL: To visually shorten the face length.

Create volume and width to face. Bangs help to shorten the face. Avoid straight down the middle parts. Soft side parts are better. Avoid also:
Very short hair that adds fullness only on top of the head. Long straight hair. If you insist on long hair, add lots of volume at the neckline.
Low side parts Hair slicked back, especially if you have a high forehead.


Hats with full brims. Avoid hats that are narrow and thin.


You will look best in glasses that are large (relative to your body's scale)
Decorative or contrasting temples can also be added to give width to the face.
Your best earrings add width to your face.

Round short drops