Oval Face Shape

You can choose almost any hairstyle and any length. Your only consideration will be to select a length and style that will fit in with your lifestyle and personality. If you have any sharp features such as a long nose, high cheekbones, or a prominent chin, then it would be best to choose a hairstyle that has an overall look that is natural and soft, as this will soften the effect of the sharp features.

Although many styles of hats will suit you by far, the best are those that have large brims that are either floppy or straight. Always keep your proportions in mind when you select the size of your hat. If you are short in stature or have a tiny bone structure, you could easily be overpowered or made top-heavy by a hat that is too large for you (and visa versa).

Most styles and shapes will work well on your face shape. The best glasses are as wide as your face, however, they do not have to repeat the shape of your face. The best earrings are in scale with your physical size and personality.