Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape Real Woman example

How to determine the Round Face Shape:
•The cheek area is the fullest part of the face (wider than forehead and chin).
•The chin is not narrow or pointed.
•Jawline and forehead is rounded, not angular.

Your goal is to visually lengthen your face.
•Choose styles that add some height to the top of the head and temples to balance the width of the cheeks.
•For parts, choose a diagonal, three quarter, or center part.
•Medium to long length.
•Diagonal bangs can add length and interest to a round face.
• ‘roundish’ hairstyles. Straight, heavy bangs, or very short hair that follows the roundness of the face.

•To make your face look longer and slimmer, select frames that are slightly angular and narrow.
•Choose frames that are wider than they are deep.
•Styles that sweep at the sides are slimming.

•Select a hat with a rising crown to lengthen the face.
•Asymmetric brims will add length to the face

•Look for earrings that are longer than they are wide to slim the face.
•Teardrops, Hoops, Drops, Ovals, and Rectangles are recommended for the round face shape.

More advice for the round face shape

I go into more detail about face shapes in my PYW's Makeup Book. See advice on contouring your specific face shape and other makeup topics related to color analysis seasons. 

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