Testimonials continued...

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I have been wearing only my colors since you analyzed me, and I have received so many compliments! No one really knows why I look better, they just know I do. I've always gotten compliments on a shirt or a makeup color before, but now it's just "you are looking so pretty lately." Thank you!!!"

-Julia, Sunlit Soft Summer from USA

"Lora Alexander did a wonderful, detailed job of virtually analyzing my color season,and within a few days! I found it quite difficult to pinpoint my season even after following her very helpful book. My coloring was such that it was confusing to me. Lora cleared up the mystery and it all makes sense now.

Thank you so much,"
--Laurel, USA

"Hi Lora

I have previously been typed with the sciart system as a dark autumn, whilst I was excited to have a typing something inside of me knew that this was not a correct typing. Until you introduced the 16 type system I was very frustrated and could not figure out what was wrong. I was definitely displaying characteristics of being soft but I was darker than the typical soft autumn but the dark autumn colours on me were just too much. Then Ms Lora introduced us to the soft deep autumn....there I was! Finally. Thank you so much Lora, I appreciate all that you do, I've found my home.

Best wishes"
Nic, UK

"Lora is wonderful! She truly knows what she is doing with color analysis. My coloring has actually changed within the Autumn season, & with her ColorBreeze system, she figured it out. I’m still an Autumn, but not as warm as I used to be, & she was very patient with helping me to determine that I am now a Dusty Soft Autumn. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for what colors to wear to make you look your best.

I was incorrectly analyzed long ago as a borderline “Spring” who needed to wear the darker palette of “Spring” with some “Autumn.” I knew it wasn’t quite right, as darker colors make me disappear, even though they were all “warm.”

Now, as a correctly analyzed “Dusty Soft Autumn” by Lora, I will wear the lighter, muted colors of my palette, with a few exceptions. I looked at an old picture of myself wearing a warm pastel pink suit, & I saw me, not the suit! Amazing!

Ladies & gentlemen, trust Lora!! Lora got it right, & I will now wear some colors I never even considered.
Now, my delicate coloring can shine. I can’t wait to go shopping now.

Lora, you are the best color analyst~
Thank you again, Lora!
Eve, USA

"Hi Lora,
Thank you SO MUCH for the color analysis you sent back to me yesterday. I have tried to figure my season out now for years and have about gone bonkers over it. Now it all makes sense.

I propose another Soft Season indicator to be "The Goldi-Locks Syndrome." That's who I thought of immediately as I read, "Colors can't be too cool, too bright, too deep or too warm." Lol!! I was thinking if everything feels "too this" or "too that" chances are high we're probably a soft-blend and the solution lies in finding that "this is just right" palette! FINALLY with the new 4x4 system this is possible. On your website I would do the test and I'd see the "Soft" aspect and I could definitely see it in my elementary school photos (before hair color and make-up came into the equation).... yet as I'd look at the Soft Summer colors I'd see many that were too light and I'd think, "No, this couldn't be." Anyhow, glad to know I FINALLY have a color palette home. :)

You Have a Beautiful Day!"

"Hello beauties!
I just finished reading Loras updated eBook and I’ve got to say I LOVE IT!
Last year Lora categorized me a Soft Summer (online color analysis). It worked for me but somehow I figured out that the lighter colors of the palett aren’t perfect for me. I need darker colors.
The new 4x4 system finally explains it all! The Soft Summer is split into two new categories, a lighter and a darker one. So I found out that I perfectly fit into the last category, called Shaded Soft Summer.
The new system absolutely makes sense to me.
In Austria you can hardy find someone who even understands the 12 system color theory. Every single color analysist I gotta know still works with the 4 seasons system and I’ve been miscategorized a winter a few times. So I’m very glad that one day I found Lora’s page, because I wasn’t happy with the 4 seasons system. When it comes to me, she’s one of the best color analysists in the whole world. Even on the internet she’s one of the very few who brings the 4x4 system to us. She really knows her stuff so I wanna say THANK YOU BIG TIMES for sharing your knowledge with us!"
-Nina, Austria

"Hello Lora,
Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. It is a fantastic
source of information, guidance and inspiration on looking your best.
I appreciate that you are always updating and adding to the site
making it the go-to place for colour analysis and style information."
-Karen B.

Thank you for the incredible analysis I received!
It has already made a difference!
People tell me I look younger and more beautiful, already (!). And I still haven’t played all my cards.
I’m waiting for my colorcards to arrive. :-D
My husband is stunned… and very happy for me.
I’ve told my friends IRL and on Facebook about your site, your makeup range, your super advices and all I could
think of. In Swedish, of course.

I want to tell you that I really _had_ lost _all_ confidence in my appearence.
(Though I used to model until my 30’ies. That’s true, but feels a bit sad these days.)
It was all due to the accident that made me disabled. Broken neck. Crushed body and then some…

Brain damage that afflict every aspect of my everyday life. I will never be able to work again. (And the
irony in it all is that most people don’t recognize my situation and seldom offer any help when needed.)
With all medication during the last eight years, the sleepless nights and the non-stop pain;
I do not feel attractive anymore. All I see is a hollow face with low colouring.

But my decision to contact you – and all the things I’ve already learned from you – will surely
make a new start for me! *s* Thank you so very, very much!

Now I’m going to shop some makeup of yours.
Best wishes!"
-Ulrika Selin, Sweden

'Lora has a wonderful eye and exquisite taste. When you buy makeup based on what she has selected for your season you will never waste a penny as the colors are sure to help you look gorgeous whether you are young or old or in-between!"
-Reese, USA

I have covered every square inch of your brilliant website and blog. Based on your scientific information and celebrity examples, I am now a true believer in the power of color. The way that you have organized your seasonal palette information by dominant characteristics has made it very simple for me to determine my subseason (Clear Winter). I was analyzed as a Winter in the 4 season system some time back. Some of the colors looked good on me, and some seemed off - too dark. I abandoned the seasonal color ideas, and for years spent a lot of money on clothes that were just any old color that I liked.

I recently lost a lot of weight and am feeling great, but was wondering why I still didn't look so hot in photos. In several recent photos I looked pasty, pale, dull and in some cases, jaundiced! After reading the information on your site, I really got it! I looked terrible because I was wearing browns, tans, earth tones, and summery pastels. Wearing my clear winter colors has made a profound impact on my appearance. I look younger, my skin looks nicer, and people treat me differently. I get compliments more often, and I've noticed that people make eye contact with me. I am very interested in learning about the 16 color system. I also want to order my swatches. After that, I will be treating myself to some new makeup!!
-Lisa K.

"When I discovered Pretty Your World, it was immediately apparent to me that Lora knows what she is talking about and is an expert at color analysis. This made it easy for me to decide to do my color analysis through Lora. I highly recommend her professional color analysis services. Her instructions are clear and straightforward, and she got back to me quickly with a confident result. The materials she includes are thorough and informative. I also love reading Lora's blog and check it regularly for updates!"
-Hope, USA

[re: the 16 Seasons..]"You nailed it with the grey tone addition to the seasons!! For the past several months I have looked at some of my clothes thinking they just need some grey added to them and they'd be perfect. I am a soft summer: medium grey/blue eyes, mousy light brown hair, fair skin BUT I have a ruddy complexion that can come across as perpetual blushing if I am not careful and grey tones seem to help counteract the ruddiness best. It's that Scotch-Irish heritage!

Anyway, I don't think the addition of the 4 new seasons is overkill at all. For someone like me, it may narrow the selection, but I prefer having fewer choices that I know will be flattering. Now, to get the textile manufacturers to design more greyed colors!!!"

-Kerri, London, UK

"Ladies, It is like discovering gold! Your whole life will change, I promise. I found Lora because I was searching. For some reason, something was still missing in my "look".
I have stacks of magazines and I spend hours, days, months... a good portion of my life is wasted trying to find the right color, clothes and makeup. I had my colors done years ago in the 4 seasons by 4 seasonal professionals and two modeling schools. I was analyzed as a warm spring, but often mistaken for a winter. It was great, but I was still confused and not "clear". Then I found Lora! I am a Bright Spring and I understand now WHY I am a Bright Spring. What a huge difference it made! Her color swatches are awesome. They have a big selection of colors and I can always find something and I can do it in less time.

Now I get a whole lot of "WOW" you look great in that color. My eyes stand out way more because I was not using the right Color, tone, intensity etc. Her book is a must. There are a lot of very important "details" like "contrast'. And if you don't wear the right colors on your eyes, your eyes will not stand out no matter what you do. Now I call and email the online clothing stores and tell them "I am a Bright Spring, do you have any colors?" I am in the process of ordering some lip colors. Lora does not know me personally nor has she paid me for this testimonial. Thank you Lora!

Great job Lora, I hope you make tons of money!!!!!
With kindest regards,
-Christine, Pennsylvania, PA USA

"Lora worked with me over the internet to provide me with a great analysis. She took time to show me how I could use the softer colours to still give the look I liked.
Great stuff."
-Susan, South Africa

"As a colour consultant I can say that the PYW makeup range is like nothing I've seen before! The extensive range of colours & products is amazing & the quality of the lipgloss, lipsticks, blush & eyeshadows I've purchased are truly fantastic.The online store is clearly laid out & provides helpful descriptions of the colours, which make it easy to shop confidently & comfortably. Lora's service is always personal & professional as well, which is like the cherry on top of an already great experience!"
-Stacey, Australia

Hi Lora, I just wanted to tell you that I got so much out of your color analysis - it's really changed the way I dress! I am looking forward to seeing what image consulting services you will offer - I love the idea of tailoring your wardrobe to create a look around a style personality - I hope there might be some online/e-mail consultation options so you can help those of us in Canada :) (I've done the My Personal Stylist one too).

Good luck with your venture and I'll continue checking back to see what you're offering. Thanks!
-Helena, Canada

"Hi Lora. I love your site. I have searched the web for sites devoted to color seasons and yours is the best -- the most comprehensive, well-written and thorough. I haven't tried your makeup yet but I definitely want to do that.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the four additional seasonal modifications. I'm addicted!"
-Mary C, Nashville, TN, USA

I'm in my late 50's and as my hair was getting grayer and my once bright blue eyes were turning soft gray-blue I was confused about what colors looked best on me. I found Lora's website, emailed her my pictures and in a very short period of time I received my Color Analysis. I was so excited because now I knew what colors would look best on me. I received my personal color swatches and now I just take them with me when I go shopping. I also received pages of information that I can use to help me dress my best. Now I know what jewelry looks best on me too. Very impressed with Lora and the products she offers. She sincerely wants you to look and feel your best.
-Suzanne - San Diego CA

Hi Lora,
I have to say that since I've been purchasing clothes using your swatch, I always get compliments. The only trouble I have is finding certain colors for a soft summer. I feel more confident now and feel that I stopped wasting money. I can look at someone and tell when they are wearing the wrong colors or for that matter the right ones (I have your book with all the seasons).
-Pam R.

Thank You Lora for all your efforts and the new makeup line. As a light summer / light spring it was nearly impossible for me to do what I love - shop! With my dark beige blonde hair with natural golden blonde highlights, light - med. neutral skin with rosy cheeks, and blue eyes you've offered an explanation and options for the forever quest of "is she warm or cool" , "spring or summer" !!! I've spent countless hours and money in fine department stores with well meaning staff that send me home with things I'd never wear. Your color descriptions are accurate and easy to mix and match. I'm able to have fun with color again!
Holly H., Canada

I found your online colour anlaysis really enlightening after years of trying to figure it out myself with every Colour Me Beautiful book that came out left me even more puzzled because there were a few seasons I could fall into. Your conclusion made complete good sense immediately and the colours you gave me really work for me. I really feel so much more confident in choosing clothes now it's brilliant and I hope I'm not imagining it, but I think I'm getting a more positive reaction from people generally. Thank you very much.
Mary M. Ireland

" Lora thank you for being such a passionate color analyst. I really didn't know what colors suited me and so had my colors done back in the early 90's at a local beauty salon. I was told I was a 'Spring' but the colors didn't look good on me and never felt right. I was always adding lots of warmth to my hair to try and match the spring color palette. I am grateful to you for your accurate color assessment of me and I now feel comfortable and attractive in my 'Cool Summer' colors that do match my natural ash blonde hair."
-Kim F.

"I absolutely love Lora's book Color Revival, It is so well written and easy to understand. I think it is one of the best books on colour I have ever read and I read alot on subjects like this. It really helped me to see what I couldn't see before and I highly recomend it to anyone who has an interest in colour"
-Sharon, Australia

*Facebook Reviews

Lorie Hughes Thoms
Lora does a great job with Color Analysis and is always writing and developing new ways to move the field forward. Well done!

Mali Nikoline Klauseth
Really thorough color analysis, I think I sent 20 photos, both from childhood (natural hair color is helpful 😊) and current look. I am really happy with my sunlit soft summer colors💛. planning on getting back to my natural hair color again 😊

Lynnel Camling
Lora is excellent at color analysis. She is precisely what busy women need to make clothing and make up choices! She has made my life so much easier. Thank you Lora!

Gregory Kleckner (yep, the same Greg I mentioned in my About page :)
As a guy, some people would think color analysis is crazy, but it has helped me out the tremendously!!! LORA ALEXANDER analyzed me a few years ago and I was able to buy a palette and list of all recommended colors. Below are just a few reasons how Lora's color analysis has helped me: *By wearing these colors, I get remembered better in job interviews. People have told me that they remembered my eyes, and said they looked calming and peaceful. When I wear my colors, I always got call backs for a second interview. *I met the woman I married wearing my colors. She told me when we met that she loved my eyes because they stood out. Because of that, she just wanted to meet me. Awesome!!! *Before I was married, I wore "my colors" when I wanted to meet a woman at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, a bar, etc... I admit, I used the colors to make my eyes stand out and hopefully get noticed and flirt. It worked for me frequently, but then I learned I also needed to work on conversation starters. Lol! *Whenever I wear my colors now, many people usually notice my eyes and tell me they are pretty. Those compliments really give me a little boast of confidence. I may sound shallow, but hey, whatever works to make yourself feel better is a good thing. *Even though I'm a guy, people will look in my eyes, smile, and hold doors open for me. Lol. Now, if you're wondering about what happens when I wear colors NOT on my palette/list: *I do not get much attention. *I will frequently get asked these types of questions or told these comments: "Are you sick? Because you look so pale." "You look off today." "You look like you could use a nap." "Your eyes don't like bright today. Are you sad?" *I hate to admit this, but I sometimes wore colors NOT on my list to work, if I wanted to leave work early and do something fun. Why? If I wore those "not on my list," I looked either pale, washed-out, or just "not quite right." Typically, someone at work would ask me if feel ill. I'd say yes. They'd tell me to go home. And "boom" I was done working for that day...and typically went to a Cubs game. That story is so sad, but true. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I HIGHLY recommend color analysis by LORA ALEXANDER!!! Her analysis was on spot!!

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