The Best Jeans for Each Season

The topic of the  best jeans for each season, of course, relates to color, not the weather seasons. And since most jeans are blue, we will need to figure out which blue is best for each of the main seasons.

But why are jeans blue in the first place?

I actually did a little report in junior high about this topic (I was a color geek from way back).  Blue jeans can be traced back to the late 19th century when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis manufactured denim pants for miners and laborers. The denim was durable. They used the natural dye Indigo to dye them.

Indigo is particularly suitable for workwear due to its unique bonding process with cotton fibers. When fabric dyed with indigo is washed, only the surface color washes away, creating a distinctive fading effect over time without weakening the fabric.

So the durability of denim combined with the practicality of indigo dye, made these pants very popular popular. The iconic blue color became a defining characteristic of what we now know as "jeans."

So what this means for the seasonal types is that if you are a season that is blue based, Summers and Winters, you are set.

Dark jeans for a Winter season.
Faded jeans for a Summer season.

From the darkest blue jeans, suitable for Winters to to the lightest and softedsoftest blue jeans, which are best suitable for Summers, jeans are not a problem for cool-based seasons.

More challenging are jeans for warm seasons, the Autumns and Springs.

We know there are some denim jeans that do come in non-blue colors. But they are much harder to find.

Warm Autumn in olive jeans.
Ivory jeans for a Spring season.

If you can find them, then go for a dark olive or ideally brown denim if you are an Autumn.

Springs do well in tan or ivory denim. Of course, if you are a Spring wanting to de-emphasize your lower half, go with your best dark neutral and for Springs that can be a light navy or medium brown.

Blue jeans for Warm Autumn.

But the “blue jeans” are definitely the norm. So if you are an warm season and can only find blue jeans, don’t stress over it.

Jeans are kind of considered accessories. They are expected to be blue. Find a somewhat neutral medium-to-dark blue shade like the woman on the left if possible.

And remember that the most important colors are above the waist. Sometimes called the ‘hot zone’ or the ‘Vital V,” items that are crucial to get correct includes hair color, makeup, blouses, blazers, coats, and scarves.

The further away from the face, the less impact it will have.