The Cold Clear Winter

Here are the basics of the Cold Clear Winter 

Temperature: Cool
Value: Deep
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season:   Clear Winter & Cool Winter Hybrid

Best Colors: Black, Pure White, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Hot Turquoise, True Red, Royal Purple.

Avoid: Dusty, muted colors, and pastels (opt for Icy versions of colors instead); warm browns, yellows, and oranges.

This season is one of the newest seasons in my ColorBreeze Complete System. Think of it as a traditional Clear Winter only with no Spring influences; little to no visible warmth.

e Cold Clear Winter looks best in clear, cool, contrasting colors. Black will always look good on you, but to maximize your coloring, pair it with a bright contrasting color.

Your coloring can be striking, and your palette contains all of the beautiful jewel tones like Ruby Red, Emerald Green, and Sapphire Blue.