The Cold Clear Winter

Cold Clear Winter woman page

Here are the basics of the Cold Clear Winter 

Temperature: Cool
Value: Deep
Chroma: Clear
Sister Season:  Clear Winter & Cool Winter Hybrid

Best Colors: Black, Pure White, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Hot Turquoise, True Red, Royal Purple.

Avoid: Dusty, muted colors, and pastels (opt for Icy versions of colors instead); warm browns, yellows, and oranges.

This season is one of the newest seasons in my ColorBreeze Complete System. Think of it as a traditional Clear Winter only with no Spring influences; little to no visible warmth.

The Cold Clear Winter looks best in clear, cool, contrasting colors. Black will always look good on you, but to maximize your coloring, pair it with a bright contrasting color.

Your coloring can be striking, and your palette contains all of the beautiful jewel tones like Ruby Red, Emerald Green, and Sapphire Blue.

Creating additional seasons in my advanced color system does mean it is more challening to find celebrity examples. I only have a few for this season. You can find there here. Let me know if you have any additional examples!

The Cold Clear Winter is a 'twin' of the classsic Clear Winter

The twin seasons share most of the same palette of colors. See some fashion looks I've put together exclusively for the Clear Winters on my Pinterest page.

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