The Cool Winter

Cool Winter woman

What to know about the Cool Winter season 

Temperature: Cool
Value: Deep
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season: Cool Summer

Best Colors: Black, White, Chinese Blue, Icy Blue, Hot Pink, Purple

Worst Colors: Orange, Golden Yellow, Warm Brown, Warm Olive

The Cool Winter does not ‘flow’ into any warm season, but it flows into the Cool Summer season.

Some of the more full-bodied cool summer colors like raspberry, plum, and deep rose can be found in this palette, and they are particularly good colors for Cool Winter makeup.

The Cool Winter season is the 'traditional' Cool Winter found in the 12-Season color systems. Compared to the other Winter sub-seasons, she is slightly lighter and more delicate in her coloring. Avoiding the warmest colors is its main goal. 

Here are a few wardrobe looks I put together to the Cool Winter season. 

Cool winter clothing 1
Professional Cool Winter clothes
Casual Cool Winter Clothing

More examples can be found on my Pinterest page

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