The Deep Autumn

ColorBreeze Art - Deep Autumn

Here are the basics of the Deep Autumn season

Temperature: Warm, predominantly
Value: Deep
Chroma: Muted
Sister Season: Deep Winter

Best colors: Chocolate Brown, Tomato Red, Emerald Green, Rust, Burnt Orange, Avocado

Worst Colors: Dusty Blues, pinks, and lavenders; any light or pale colors

The Deep Autumn needs to wear the deepest and most vivid colors of the autumn palette. Rich, deep earth tones compose your palette.

For maximum effect, pair dark colors with some of the brighter colors for contrast. Steer clear of soft pastels and light earth tones, which are not strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out.

The Deep Autumn has the value and contrast similar to a Winter but needs the warmth and muted qualities of an Autumn.

Below are a few wardrobe looks I created to illustrate the Deep Autumn

Groovy Deep Autumn clothes
Professional Deep Autumn clothes
classic deep autumn clothes 3

More Deep Autumn examples

If you haven't noticed yet, many images I use on this site are marked "ColorBreeze Art". This is part of my new artwork and visuals I have created with the help of AI, among other digital photo software. I will be slowly adding more images over time. Here are some for this season. Please share on Pinterest if you like them! 

Deep Autumn woman with her up wearing leopard print dress.
Deep Autumn woman in cream wedding dress.
Black Deep Autumn in deep green dress
Young woman in brown dress is a Deep Autumn season.
Native American Deep Autumn example.
Black Deep Autumn example.
Deep Autumn woman of color.
Deep Autumn woman in Paris
Deep Autumn woman of color example.
Deep Winter Hispanic woman
Black Deep Autumn woman in Deep Teal leather jacket.
Deep Autumn woman wearing deep teal blue.

Stay tuned for more examples, or visit my Pinterest page.

See more on my Pinterest page for the Deep Autumn.

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