The Dusty Soft Summer

ColorBreeze Art - Dusty Soft Summer

What the Dusty Soft Summer is all about

Temperature: Cool
Value: Medium to medium light
Chroma: Soft
Sister Season: n/a

Best Colors: Predominantly cool, dusty shades of grey-blue, mauve, plum, soft pink, denim blue, charcoal.

Worst Colors: Bright warm colors like orange, golden yellow, and bright coral. Also, avoid very dark colors like black and cobalt blue.

The Dusty Soft Summer is one of only two seasons that effectively does not flow into another season.

There is little to no warmth in your coloring. Looking similar to a a Light Summer, you can tell the difference between the two by seeing little to no visible warmth in your coloring.

Monochromatic colors will look great on you, as well as cool neutrals.

There will be a range of lighter to deeper soft colors you can wear, but keep most of the colors on the lighter side. Wearing colors that are too bright or too dark and heavy, particularly warm colors, will overwhelm you.

FYI: If you haven't noticed yet, many images I use on this site are marked "ColorBreeze Art". This is part of my new artwork and visuals I have created with the help of AI, among other digital photo software. I will be slowly adding more images over time. Here are some for this season. Please share on Pinterest if you like them! 

Dusty Soft Summer AI Art example.
Young Dusty Soft Summer Season Example.
Dusty Soft Summer.
Dusty Soft Summer - Mature Woman

More ColorBreeze Art examples coming...stay tuned!

Below are some wardrobe looks for the Dusty Soft Summer

FYI: The Dusty Soft Summer is sometimes categorized as s Soft Summer Light along with its 'twin' the Sunlit Soft Summer.

Dusty Soft Summer clothes
Dusty Soft Summer clothes 2

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